Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Before we got our group up and running, I had been reading prepper/survival type websites and message boards, for years. It seemed to me that the majority of groups could all be clones of other groups and of those group members.
Where was the diversity? Can people really not get along well with others unless those others are clone like?

If all you have is beans and rice, that will get old and tiresome, really fast. Does the same apply if your group members are all the same? The same being around the same age, religion, ethnicity, thinking, etc. Many message boards/blogs have people talking about how to find groups, how to make groups, who would be allowed in groups, etc. It seems people limit themselves to whatever they are... if you are a WASP, everyone in your group is probably a WASP. What happens when you have diversity...?

Our group is 100% Mormon, except for us two. During the planning for the group BBQ, here is a text conversation:

Me: BBQ for real, Sunday at 6, (address of BBQ). BYOB.
Member: BYOB?
Me: Yes, we have everything else covered, if you leave hungry it's your fault
Member: What kind of beef should we bring?
Me: Beef?
Member: Bring your own beef
Me: Beer
Member: Oh.

Not only had I never imaged that my view on Mormons would change from what I was told/taught growing up, but to be in a prepper group with about 20 of them never entered my mind. It also never entered my m ind that BYOB was anything but bring your own beer/booze. We learn from each other, the more diverse your group members, the more things you can learn and stereotypes you can break.

It's fun to break barriers and stereotypes, it's nice to see people open their eyes, and it's nice to have mine opened as well.
In all fairness the ward bishop did bring some beef, but he knew what BYOB meant.


  1. Those Mormons are an interesting crowd, but there are far worse demographics to have on your side in a crisis.

    "Not only had I never imaged that my view on Mormons would change from what I was told/taught growing up"

    What were you told/taught? And how'd you wind up getting past that to get the opportunity to learn otherwise?

    1. They don't drink, gamble, play cards, smoke. They wear magic underwear, have multiple wives, aren't trusting of non-mormons and will try to convert you...
      That's just some of what I had been told and believed. We got past that by getting to know a few mormons over the years at work, and becoming good friends with one large family. There was never any pressure to convert, a few of them swear and a few of them don't wear magic underwear (a few do).

      I've come to realize that they are actually some of best people in my life. I know if I need help they are on the spot, and they know we are the same if they call us. Being LMI helps, but being good people helps more.

      I'm sure it goes the other way, I bet they never imagined they would have us in a group of mainly Mormons.