Monday, June 10, 2013

How long can a list of chores possibly get?

The back of junk mail envelopes are a fantastic space to make lists of things to get done. I work with and around computers all day, at home I like the old pen and paper. The list went all the way down the back of an envelope, and rolled onto the front side. How does this happen, it's not like I don't get things done during the week.

To make it harder on myself I pulled a muscle doing deadlifts the other night. Normal chores are harder when you can't bend over, so imagine my excitement knowing I had to spend about 6 hours in the gardens and yard. Being a sucker for pain I went for an hour long mountain run early Saturday morning. It was hot, and it's going to be hotter this week, perfect for endurance training in the hills.

The weeds are up, the lawn is done, the bushes are watered, the house is cleaned, etc. Everything is growing really nice, but for some reason the beets are an utter failure. I'm going to replant them and see how it goes, luckily they are a quick crop. I'm still amazed how much time I spend doing these kind of things, no wonder many people aren't into trying to be more self reliant.

I managed to finish a few books as well; dark grid, dark road, a new world: dissension, and a re-read of American sniper. I'm a fast reader, and am awaiting an order from Amazon with about 6 more books. We finally hit the theater and saw the latest Star Trek. There were a lot of great previews, how fast are those Zombies in World War Z.... yikes. Star Trek was good until the reactor scene, let's not redo everything that's been done before, in reverse.

I just watched the WWz trailer again... I hope the movie doesn't let me down.


  1. Take it easy with that back: it's the only one you've got, and all that.

    1. It's almost back to normal, I'd give it 80%. I'm skipping leg workouts at the gym and just running on those days.

  2. yes. i strongly second what Rev. Paul says. you have to take care of yourself!!! and those envelopes are a waste of time - you need a book! that's what i use - and then scratch out chores that have been done but still can go back 200 or so pages (you need a BIG book) in order to stay on top of all the chores.

    i have to be honest. WWZ..directed by brad pitt...yikes!

    congrats tho on all of the work that you have accomplished - no small feat of things and i know of what i speak - teehee!

    your friend,

    1. No book for me, I would fill it up and then shed bunny tears.
      I had the same thought on WWZ, but the trailer looks spectacular, finally some non-shuffling zombies!

  3. hey max!

    take it easy - the list of chores never ends... so don't try to get them all done!

    cheers buddy - hope life is treating you well!

    1. Life is treating me great, I don't ask for much and really couldn't ask for more!