Saturday, October 10, 2015

The week in review, by the numbers

The number 2: This represents the number of accidents father in law has caused in a 14 hour span. He said his foot slipped off the brake, but that means he is driving with one foot on each pedal. The first accident caused him to pull out in front of someone and ruin both vehicles fenders. Nobody was hurt luckily. The second accident was when he put the car in the garage and once again his foot slipped off the brake this time causing the car to crash into the back wall of the garage and into his bathroom.

We know it's about freedom and independence but we have to take his car away. Today he said he is going to physical therapy to get stronger and will be able to drive in a month. We disagree on this subject and it's going to cause some issues. The fact he drives with one foot on each pedal is scary enough because if your foot slips off one pedal, the other one is engaged at all times. I see people going uphill with the brake lights on, and father in law is one of those people. Combine this with the last health scare where he told people in Safeway he wanted to basically die... well there are some decisions coming down the road that just have to be made for all involved.

The number 43: One less marble out of the jar. I don't know how many I have left but I have a blessed life and treat each day as a gift. Not counting my military years, I'm in the best shape of my life. Work failed to get me a cake so I got my own just to prove a point I guess. When it came time to cut the cake only 2 out of close to 100 employees showed up. My reputation for being blunt and a little unforgiving I suppose. No need to sugar coat what I'm saying, we did almost 21 million in sales last month, we aren't a mom and pop operation anymore.

The number 20: Tomorrow is our official day for our 20th anniversary. It's amazing to think back over all of the years and see how things have changed (and in many cases stayed the same). It's really incredible to think we have been together just short of half of our lives. We have done a lot to celebrate so we are just going to have a nice dinner in the mountains.

The number 12: This is easy, we made a dozen muffins for breakfast at the cabin. Food storage cooking is really normal for us. We didn't have eggs or fresh fruit so we rehydrated some and cooked everything up just fine. We have butter so there wasn't any need to use canned/powdered but at least we have it should the need arise. We have a lot of fruit in #10 cans, probably because we tend to eat pretty healthy and want to try to maintain that in tough times.

The number 2 (again): This is the number of Jeeps in the driveway. I'm test driving one for the weekend, it's time to sell the Land Rover and get something newer. We might not end up with anything, we have plenty of vehicles but most are 15-20 years old and just aren't reliable.

The number 5: The large pile of wood, 5 cord, will get us through this and next winter. In addition to what we have put away earlier this year, we are set for fuel. If times get rough we will have enough for one winter. Next spring we will put an addition on the woodshed that should get us enough room for 10 cord.

The number 70: That's the temperature this weekend in the mountains. We are going to run together this afternoon (a rare treat) and hopefully cover about 8 miles.

There, those are just some fun numbers (or not, depending on the view). We are going to swing by and check out the developments on our CA's blogger friends property, get some groceries, ride the ATV's, enjoy the amazing fall colors, read, relax, etc. Work is in upheaval again but it might help us as one of us might get a promotion and pay raise. It won't be me, I can't get any higher up the ladder but I'm not complaining, I'm treated well.

Growing up I never thought I would be positioned like we are today. We grew our own vegetables so we have food to eat. Now I grow them because it's a choice and if we had more time at home we would have chickens for sure. Even if the marble jar is close to empty, a life full. Well lived.


  1. oh Happy Belated Birthday Max, buddy! i sooo understand about your co-workers...and can tell that we are very similar in that we have very specific and exacting standards that we set for ourselves and then naievely assume everyone else follows those same standards - duh!

    congratulations on 20 years - THAT is a real accomplishment! i hope that you both get 120 more (you can do it! bahahah!)

    i am sorry to hear about your FIL - but his motor skills need to be tested by a doc, for sure. i understand his need/want for independence but the lives of others also have to be taken into consideration.

    i hope that your wife gets her promotion and pay raise - it's all extra preps when you reach a certain pay grade.

    i am glad that you have reached this position in life...i never thought i would be where i was right now, neither did jam, but here we are. and it is wonderful. but don't let anyone tell you that you are lucky - you are NOT lucky! you both worked very hard throughout your lives (obviously) and you made decisions and life choices that have gotten you here. you deserve it! if anyone says that you are lucky - punch them in the head for me, wouldya?

    congrats on all of the hard work. live each day to the fullest - as i know you will!

    sending love. (and thanks for such a sweet comment on our blog - we appreciated it very much!). your friend,

    1. You are so very kind, thank you. If I get back to New England this summer, as planned, I'm going to drive on up and give you a hug!

    2. if you are ever up in the new england area we would love a visit! it's not too far from northern maine/northern new york and it is a very pretty drive. and i'd love a hug! sending much love to you both and of course - the Rock Man!

  2. In the big city near me they have a program for seniors where taxi rides are discounted 75%. It's cheaper to take the taxi than to pay for the upkeep of the vehicle and the insurance. At least that's how they try to convince seniors to give up their car. I wonder if there's something like that in your area. I remember my grandparents causing accident after accident. Everyone was lucky that nobody ever really got hurt, just vehicles.

    Happy anniversary and also happy birthday. It's amazing to me that people at work don't appreciate the boss because he expects them to actually earn their paycheck and also to do things the correct way the first time!

    For the property update, the septic system is in, the footings are going in this week. I don't know if anything else will get done before winter. I'm hoping to get out there sometime before the end of the year. It's about impossible to find someone who is capable of dealing with Girl. If I do, we will come to call!

    1. Your property is progressing nice! We have been dropping a few trees and cutting a lot of dead branches. It's really opened up the forest and it will let us expand our 'yard' area this spring. If the plan works, it will be a nice grassy area under the aspens about 50+ feet outside of the main yard.