Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm tired of airplanes

Unexpected trip to New Jersey for a meeting didn't put a smile on my face. I have a lot to get done at both properties and a last minute trip tossed everything into disarray.

Getting to the hotel at midnight was bad enough, but the HVAC system was loud no matter the setting so I might have managed 30 minutes of sleep before my alarm went off and it was time for a run. We were staying next to some river so the running should have been great but with all of the storms on the east coast I opted against being cold and miserable on top of being tired.

The meeting sucked, executives at any level seem to be happy to listen but you can always tell when they have their minds made up. We had 3 hours and half-way through it they were more interested in lunch that anything else. The flight out was delayed due to the weather (surprise!) and we spent 6 hours in the airport and I was finally back home by 1am Saturday morning.

The entire time in the airport I had to listen to gun control and mental health debates from the tv's, speakers and people. Airport food sucked bad, like always.

I'm glad that I don't have anything planned for a while, it will be nice to catch up on chores and projects. I spent a few hours setting up my new plate carrier yesterday after I went for a run. I'll get a picture of it when it's done but for now I still have some tweaks and adjustments to do. Now I need to find a bag for transporting it around. This is part of our step up in preparedness plan.

Firewood, tree cutting, wood splitting, yard cleaning, winter food storage inventory and stock-up. We have a lot to do and it's much colder than expected this weekend. We have a monsoon rain yesterday and hail, so now we have an insurance claim to send in on my 98 Discovery. Always something to keep us busy.

I hope you east coasters have hunkered down and didn't get very soggy. I'm doing inside projects right now while someone else is out in them mountains 4 wheeling with Rock. I just didn't have it in me and have a lot of long term concerns about life, fitness, the economy, work and preparedness... these are keeping me busy enough.


  1. Things have been rough in the Southern Appalachians. I got by pretty well but there's a lot of damage in the county. Once again, as with the fires in California, people demonstrated that they can know something is coming, and still sit on their asses and do nothing until it's too late. I don't feel sorry for idiots who live on creeks and don't at least move their valuables to high ground when they know a storm is coming.

    1. I figured you would be pretty good, as usual. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by preparedness I remember there isn't anyone else for us to rely on, and it's usually by other bloggers.