Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crisp, like the season should be.

As usual it was a little windy in the flats near the cabin but the benefit is once I'm out of the trees I don't have to eat dust if someone roars by me at 60mph (unless I'm on the wrong side of the dust path). It was a nice easy run, I needed some time to clear my head and there isn't a better place.

Decided to turn the heat on, todays high is going to be 48 with a lot of rain forecast (snow in the higher country). It was dark, quiet and cool in the bedroom so I managed a few hours of really good sleep. This morning it was warm, 43 and the deer and Elk were hanging out on the roadsides as I drove to work. As I drive I repeat 'don't swerve' a lot since that's what causes people to get hurt and die instead of just hitting the brakes and hitting whatever runs out in front. Obviously if there were Moose all over I might have a different mantra (and a larger vehicle).

The colors have changed really fast on the property and they are just about gone from the mountains. Heading to Denver for a meeting tomorrow and then it's a long 3 day weekend at the cabin for ATV's and wood cutting/splitting/stacking. Have a great fall weekend!


  1. I always hate to see the fall colors come to an end - it's the introduction of "the ugly season", with all the leaves gone but no snow yet.

    1. Baren, like a wasteland in some apocalyptical movie.