Monday, October 19, 2015

Annoying trigger time day

Yesterday was a well planned out day at the range but you know what they say about plans...

Meet at 9:30 was the first part of the plan but at 10:45 we were finally leaving. Couldn't just meet at the shooting spot because nobody but us knew where to go. I'm a stickler for being on time (and that means you show up early). I was really annoyed.

I had an entirely new target system designed and spent 30 minutes assembling it only to have the wind pick up and blow everything all over. I disassembled everything and I was most certainly annoyed.

We did bring our backup targets (55 gallon water barrels) and they worked out great but there was a total of 10 people including a toddler and a few people that don't shoot much or have never shot. Shotguns do a number on the barrels (birdshot especially) so I probably need some new ones. So much going on, so many people. I was annoyed.

Having to always look around to see where all the people were at, where they were shooting from, where they were pointing the muzzles, etc. really threw me off my planned day. The normal crew I run with I never have to check and if I get 'muzzled' it's no big deal because I have a certain comfort and trust level built up. I was annoyed.

Normally a day at the 'range' has both of us shooting around 300 rounds in total because it's not about volume or standing in one spot/lane. As I was packing up I realized we went through close to 900 rounds. I was annoyed.

I know, I'm a ray of sunshine but there were some good points of the day.
Someone who had never shot a gun and had been the victim of domestic violence learned to shoot and is certainly hooked and is planning on getting a pistol soon.
The new shot timer worked great (when everyone else was reloading). With my arms hanging down and relaxed I practiced draw and shoot (close range, 15 feet) and was able to get my best time at .89 seconds for one round and 1.03 seconds for 2 rounds.
I practiced reloading, 1 round on target with an empty magazine so the slide would lock back, reload (magazine on left hip) and release the slide, shoot 1 round on target: 3.03 seconds
I practiced non timed smooth draw non sight window 1 shot and holster the pistol repeats. All 19 rounds hit on target including 4 head shots and the rest in vitals.

My new body armor carrier was worn for 3 hours and it seemed perfectly uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I like the abdominal flex plate but everything takes getting used to.

I'm off to order some ammo to restock. I'll get things cleaned, reloaded, etc. this week. For now everything is piled on the dining room floor.... not a bad use for a dining room honestly.

It was a fun day, it made me annoyed, it took me out of my comfort zone, it made me miss the solitude of the cabin.


  1. It's good to help others educate themselves. That person won't likely be a victim again.

    Curious about the shot timer as I want to focus my shooting. Does the sound of the shot stop the timer? Any recommendations for a good timer?

    1. I am now using the Competition Electronics Pocket pro Timer CEI 2800.
      Each shot records a time so yes, a shot 'stops the timer' but not really. it records the time but the timer keeps running (although you don't see anything but the shot time displayed from the last/previous shot).
      I turned it on, set the side switch to random beep timer, hit the button. It beeps signaling start and each shot you make it records. You can review the last 99 shots, it's easy to use, etc. I watched a vid on youtube and purchased it.
      When I was using it, other shooters would trigger the timer splits with .380 and larger but .22 plinking didn't trigger it at all (didn't try up close). It was fun to see shot time and 2nd shot time (when doing reloading drills), etc. Worth the money for a great training aid.

  2. California legislature is pondering a new bill that will require an instant background check to buy ammo! Glad I'll be leaving.

    Being annoyed and keeping your cool is a real test. Sounds like you passed. When I worked at my old job one of the bosses was ex-marine. I loved his motto. Early is on time, on time is late, late you're out of here.

    1. Instant background check... thats what we are supposed to have right now for firearms but it takes an hour or more usually, can't imagine doing that for ammo.
      That would bring a big change on where you could buy ammo, only larger shops would probably continue to sell it.

      I try and work on patience and staying composed. It helps that the glass isn't half full or empty, I assume it's urine no matter the level.