Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another week, another Epic Adventure.

I wanted to title this, "Another week in a life well lived" but for some reason it sounded a little egotistical but I suppose it really does fit. I could also title it, "I probably need less dangerous hobbies or better reasoning abilities when battling my activity OCD."

I visited the doctor for my "Affordable Care Act Wellness Checkup". I had no clue why I was going in, nor what they were going to check, but it was free and I figured I should see a Dr. once every 5 years even if don't think it's needed. It turns out it was a complete physical, including lab work that I was supposed to have gotten done before the appointment. Fail on that, fail on urine sample, fail on fasting, etc. I told them if they want this stuff they should inform patients.
The Dr. said I'm healthy, blood pressure is great, resting heart rate is great, nothing abnormal, etc. He did ask me a lot of useless questions (nothing about guns) like: do I recycle, do I have a fire detector at home, how much exercise do I get a day, rate my diet on 1-10 (10 being great), etc.

Apparently healthier people care more. He had a BS explanation on why they had to ask silly questions. I did get a tetanus shot, it's been about 25 years since my last one and I'm always playing with old metal and crap at the cabin. When I asked for the side effects and drug interaction sheet everyone was stunned and confused for a bit.
Not a sheep.

Anyhow, here is the week in pictures!
As I was driving to the cabin on Wednesday afternoon, the rain had finally eased off and the clouds had lifted up, it was obviously a perfect time to get some mountain biking in. Those puddles in the road just added to the fun. I geared up and headed out... weeeee.... it's a nice downhill grade to start so I was flying. Suddenly the rain started to fly as the wind shifted directions and was blowing towards the mountains instead of away as usual. I've been wet, will be wet again and don't care about being wet so I kept going and was enjoying the tailwind. Unfortunately that turned into a headwind when I headed back home. All was well, it's a long grind back home through mud puddles and battling a 30+ mph rain and wind storm. The the flashes started....
One day, and hopefully not soon, I'll be found dead in a ditch somewhere with a smile on my face having enjoyed whatever it was I had been doing when my time was up.
It just wasn't my time I suppose but good lord I was exhausted. I had to push the bike for a few hundred feet since the wind was so bad. Flash; 1 thousand one, 1 thousand two, boom!

It isn't often that people get naked outside but I was wet there was no way I was going inside dripping all over the floor. I cleaned up and assembled the new Berky! 8 gallon capacity, 6 out of 8 filters installed and we now have some fantastic water at the cabin. It's gi-normous!

 The half moon was out, it was very nice for an evening walk.
 The next morning I headed to work as usual.
Amazon didn't let me down and a box of books showed up. I have about 25 books to read, including those trilogies. I really like the Terry Brooks Shannara series, I grew up reading them and it gets my head into something other than the usual books. I have hundred of books from when I was a kid, that's all I spent my money on, whenever I had it. Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. I really loved to read, and still do. I find it's enlightening to change genres from dystopia to anything else.
Everything was wet Friday afternoon but we had high hopes for a nice weekend. We needed to get some outside work done. That's a shot of the backyard dog area. The Amish neighbors dog is getting used to us being here and hangs out most of the time with us. Probably since we pulled all of her molts out, feed her and let her come along on hikes, etc. I have the door open and she just walked on in wondering where Rock is. They get along great, only the third dog ever, but we don't let them play it would be too hard on her.
 Since it was cool and wet I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. Food storage cookies for the most part, I didn't have butter powder. I need to remember to bring some down in the next load of goodies.
 Yum! We had BBQ chicken drumsticks, fresh veggies and Italian bread. Using the over helped get the cabin warmed up to 70, it was cool and damp. It got as low as 42 degrees Friday night.
 Saturday was beautiful, mid 70's and a slight breeze. Here I am working on stripping the old roofing from the small storage shed. The local hardware store is nice, and it's big, but they didn't have any shingles in stock. That wasn't expected so it's just a tar paper roof right now. We are going to pick up some metal slide roofing sections and peak cap in town and finish it this coming weekend. I was really hot working up there but I wanted to be protected from the sun, wood, nails, etc. so I ditched my signature shorts and t-shirt look.
This morning Rock was awaiting his hike but I was really exhausted from the last week of nonstop epic adventures. He settled for a few big rides and is probably sticking his head out the window on the way home right now. I did grab my bike and ride into town this afternoon, 10.25 miles in 41 minutes. I cheated and got a ride back, I know my limits.

It's cool currently, 54 degrees and we had an hour of light rain. I'll sleep great tonight and head out on the highway for Salt Lake City in the morning. Cheaper to drive instead of fly and rent a car, and an 8 hour drive could be another epic adventure to post about. I'll be at the Outdoor Retailers Expo, if I see anything awesome I'll snag photo's.


  1. You had a busy weekend - productive, though.

    1. It's hard to find a balance between projects and adventures, but luckily they often mix so we can get them both done.

  2. I'd say " A Life Well Lived" is appropriate.

    1. Thanks, I'm certainly trying to live it well.