Sunday, August 10, 2014

50% off Fenix lighting; another weekend in the hills

While I was in Salt Lake City I picked up a 50% off Fenix coupon code. I don't know how long it's good for, but I put it to use already. They are my favorite flashlight manufacturer, so half off more lights is always great.
Once you are there you need to make an account. I made one and used a normal sounding made up business name. Coupon code for your cart: FENIXUSPRO
If you like Revo sunglasses here is a 25% off code to use at checkout: OR2014_25 (
I mention the sunglasses since my Oakley's are at the bottom of a lake in Utah... lesson learned there but I did a pretty nice job on the standup paddle board only getting wet once. I think I paid about $200 for those glasses 10 years ago so I've gotten my use out of them for sure. My backup pair are 16 years old, I try to make things last.

Cricket flour bars, not bad actually. I wasn't sold on it entirely but it they have different flavors and they were all OK. Just one of the several dozen bars/snacks I sampled at Outdoor Retailer this past week.
 My great, great, great grandfather sculpted this, first time I've seen it in person. Salt Lake was pretty easy to navigate, cheap to park and overall not too bad of a city. For a city.
At the cabin right now it's 52 degrees and its only 7pm. That's a picture of Lorie, the Amish working dog, getting spoiled. We took most of her molting hair out and leave fresh water out for her and some snacks.
A little snack, a little nap, and then she is off and running. It's nice that Rock gets along with her, we just don't introduce food when they are together. Yes, I know, the green outdoor carpet is horrible but it bets splinters until we can get around to redoing the deck.

We have new neighbors up the street who have zero control of their 2 dogs. I gave him a little introduction today to my vocabulary after the 7th time of his dogs running around us snapping at Rock. I figure if you can't get the hint, and have only apologized once with zero corrective action, you deserve to hear whatever I have to say.
Like their cat who walked into the cabin last night while we had the storm door propped open. I know it's the country, but manners (should) still apply. I think I'm we are the only people who own a leash in the county.
The shed roof is half done, we got the metal from a company in Colorado Springs who shorted us by one sheet, didn't have enough to do both sides. The top cap is on order, we wanted green and everyone had silver or white. The tar paper kept the rain out so it's nice and dry inside finally. We will finish it this coming weekend. The overhang is almost a foot to help keep the rain from splashing up on the wood and concrete. Once we are done it will have a fresh coat of stain.
More supplies lined up in a space that seemed perfect. Free space is at a premium with electric baseboard heat and the ATV's hogging the garage. The buckets can be stacked to the ceiling if we put the lighter ones up top (oats, elbow noodles, etc.).
We had one of our BBQ group members and longtime friends down to the cabin. I showed them how to make and can blueberry jam and he showed me how to use a 7 foot longbow. I did OK, then decided to get my compound bow out since it had been a long time. I couldn't figure out why I missed 5 out of 6 times, then I gathered the arrows and noticed the fake feathers were dry rotted: time for a re-string and new arrows. It never occurred to me they would dry rot but the broad head arrows were just fine, cheap target arrows are cheap.

We made chocolate chip cookies from food storage and they enjoyed my recipe tweaks. I introduced them to freeze dried yogurt bites and they ordered 6 #10 cans (they are pretty awesome to snack on). They both helped out on the shed roofing without being asked, that's a quality that's hard to find. We really enjoyed their company and they loved hanging out with us in the mountains.

It's raining, down to 48 degrees and I don't think I'll see the moon tonight. Last night was pretty amazing but unless the clouds vanish really soon it's going to be early to bed (and I really need some sleep). I'm predicting snow on the peaks within 2 weeks, it feels like it should be sooner but it's damp with all this running water around us.

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  1. To be honest, you probably are the only people that own a leash out there. I know it must be aggravating to have other dogs bothering yours. What about a low impact bb pistol. Won't break the skin, or do any permanent damage but dogs generally hate the noise more than the sting of the bb. That might dissuade unwanted visitors. As for the cat, could have been a skunk or a possum (or here, a rattlesnake) so maybe overall his visit wasn't so bad.