Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Badgers, bucks and more

There is a lot of wildlife at our cabin, more than we ever expected and we haven't even experienced springtime yet. We've got the mountain lions, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, antelope, etc.

I really never imagined we would have badgers, I've never actually seen one in Colorado but apparently we have a lot. It makes sense, there is a lot of crap soil land edging lush forests, it's the perfect feeding ground and habitat.
Many think the badger is aggressive, but like most wildlife, just leave it alone and they will give you the same respect. We saw it out the picture window, Rock was being a good watchdog and trying to figure out what this new "large not a bunny thing" was.
In our usual tradition of going for a walk after dinner to stargaze, we encountered either the same, or another badger. It was on the roadside and didn't like the high powered LED tac lights so it scurried off into the high grass on a field edge. Just another reason to be alert, vigilant and armed.

Speaking of that, a neighbor stopped me on the road asking if I was ok or just out for a hike. She apparently didn't recognize me and thought maybe I was an escaped convict rumored to be in the area. Yes, she drove right up to me with her window down and vehicle unlocked....
We small talked for a minute, she told me to be careful and then stared longingly at my XDm. I headed back to the cabin, I had left it unlocked as we always do on our hikes. Not being one to toss caution to the wind, I cleared the entire place upon re-entry.

For city slickers, we do OK with projects. It might take us a while but we get things done. Usually the time delay is not having enough of something and not being under a time crunch. The shed roof was finally completed on Monday.
It will hold and it doesn't look too bad for us do-it-yourselfers.

On the way into work I counted about 35 wild turkeys, a few dozen antelopes, around 20 bighorn sheep and countless bucks and does. It's on the edge of winter, everything is moving down the mountains and grazing/getting ready to hibernate.

Even rock gets worn out from the wildlife and duck hunting....


  1. I'm glad you didn't shoot the badger. Too many people move into a rural area, and immediately start exterminating the local fauna. I guess it makes them feel like pioneers or something.

    I never leave my place unlocked. If I go out to work in the meadow or in one of the outbuildings, I lock the main house up. I don't want to come back and find some psychopath hiding out in the closet. I did once have a person who was very clearly mentally ill come walking up the jeep trail. He wanted to see inside my house,and got very agitated when I told him that wasn't happening. I finally had to use the dogs to get him to move his ass back down the trail. You just never know who or what will emerge from the tree line.

    1. We both really enjoy the wildlife, it's part of what we enjoy about sitting on the deck or looking out the picture window. Most animals get a bad reputation but the majority of people forget we are the invaders. We both are live and let live unless something is aggressive and charging.... except mice, those get snapped in two, about one a week so far.

      We started locking the cabin when we are out on our walks. I suppose it was foolish to do it any other way, but that's how I grew up and it just came natural to not worry about it. Here in the "big" city, it's all double locked and armed with padlocks on the gates too.

      I suppose it's always good practice to clear your residence, but better on your own schedule.