Monday, November 11, 2013

Odds-n-ends, that guy in the gym, summer in November.

It's November and there was a time in the past I would call it winter. No longer, it's an extended fall.
Watering the grass in November with weather in the high 50's (it was in the high 60's during the week). The grass is green, unlike the weeds everyone else is growing, Colorado is a shade of brown this time of year.
Wheat bread and chocolate chip brownies, batch #2. I used coconut oil instead of butter in the brownies, I didn't like them as much but it's healthier and I'll take any help I can give myself.

Those 3 photo's are from Saturday and Sunday night as we were out and about the city. I wanted another bread knife and was tired of being at home. Perfect excuse to go out and watch the sunset.

I'm very careful at the gym, removing a weight from the bar on each side so I don't cause an accident. Last night the guy next to me wasn't thinking and took all the weights off from one end of the bar (yes, leaving all of them on the other end, about 250 pounds worth). As anyone could predict, the bar flipped off the top of his squat rack and came at me with high speed. I use a squat rack for a lot of different things, it has bars that you can adjust to catch the weight if you have to drop it... or in this case if 'that guy' has a brain fart. I took it in stride, he was sorry, and I used another of my apparently numerous lives.
Some great WW2 photo's from theBRIGADE.

It's Veterans Day. Father in laws birthday is today so we got him a new coffee maker. I was looking at my Grandfathers photo's from WW2 and Korea and then my Dad's photo's from Vietnam. My Dad had about 100 or so pictures of beautiful women, my Grandfather has photo's of liberating France and his ship after it got hit with a Torpedo. My Father must have been adopted. My photo's from Iraq aren't very exciting, I wasn't really into photography and figured the sand in my ass was enough of a memory to last a lifetime.

Thanks to those who have served or are serving.


  1. Great minds think alike. I was looking at photos today of my dad, uncle and father in law. They all served in the Pacific war, and are all gone now. It wasn't a conscious thing but I would imagine it being veterans day is what brought it to mind.

    1. I think I'll buy a scanner and actually get some of the pictures up. I've been threatening to do it for a few years.

    2. Max, most public libraries and universities have scanners for the public to use, at least in our state. It might be worth a phone call to save a few more bucks for preps.

    3. Thanks for the tip. I really should get a scanner and get a lot of the photo's uploaded to flash drives. One step at a time.

  2. I think of my grandfather who served in WW1. I have one photo of him standing in his uniform and holding what I think is a 1903 Springfield ( ? not sure what it is ) and another of him at roughly at age 5 or 6.

    He was born in 1892. I believe he walked down that famous route in France that, later, the men in WW2 got to liberate. He suffered and survived one of the many gas attacks that happened on the battlefield. He died in 1972 just 3 days before Christmas. I was 4 yrs old at the time.

    I have amazing recall for a boy that age. I remember sitting on his lap ( a very frail old man at the time ) before he got sick, I remember going to the hospital right before he died. I remember going to the viewing before the funeral, going to the funeral, and then riding home with my other grandfather while everyone else went to the burial site, so I didn't get to hear them play Taps.

    Sorry for the long comment, it just kinda came out.

    1. That's great recollection. My Grandfather never talked about the wars he was in, that I can remember. I never had any clue he was in the service until I was going through some photo's my Dad had in a box.