Monday, November 4, 2013

Last ride of the year?

We thought last weekend was going to be the last ride in the mountain. Yesterday was overcast and had us doing yard work until the sun popped over the clouds. We dropped the tools and bailed out of town.
view from the trailer, hayman fire burn area
view in the other direction, pikes peak in the distance
pikes peak from a trail head
The weather was 10 degrees cooler but in the tree's we didn't feel the wind, we added 35 miles to the ATV's. We took some harder trails and some less than traveled trails.
Standard trail in the Woodland Park and hayman burn area

The trail less traveled. My favorite trail so far, very hard in and out.
We got back in town and unloaded and I rushed into the kitchen. Our MAG meeting was yesterday and we don't want to show up without something from food storage. A lot of people bring stuff from the store for snacks but I we always make something from home. Last night it was pumpkin pie, since nothing beats a good homemade pie.
I realize it seems to be lacking crust, but with all the working out we do, lower carbohydrate is better (and who really eats the thick crust anyhow). We also needed bread for the week for sandwiches, so that got whipped up.
Yes, you are correct, those are chocolate chip brownies. Dual ovens are just so awesome. It's a great feeling to be able to make just about anything you eat, without having to go out and grocery shop. Right now we only buy meats, fruit and milk at the grocery store, in fact Costco hit us for $250 on Saturday... meat fest. The freezer is 90% full, the food storage is so full we are working on making more space and getting more shelving.

I try to get almost 300 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbohydrates and 70 grams of fat each day. The one day a week I don't workout I drop the carbohydrates to 70 and the fat to 35. I can hit the 35 grams of fat with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, so it takes planning and calculating before I open my mouth.
I'm debating signing up for a strongman competition in March. The only thing holding me back is there are no age or weight classes. I wouldn't win in any class or group, but it would be nice to compete with people my age and not those 20 years younger. I'm sure I could have a great time, and worst case is I train really hard and get in better shape. Win-Win!

In closing, have a random picture I took on Friday morning. This is looking to last years burn zone.


  1. Beautiful scenery, tasty pie, home-baked bread. What's not to like?

    1. I agree, down to half a loaf already. I like 2 slices of toast with real butter, it's a great way to start the day.

  2. They have Grizzly Bears out there, don't they? I am used to our black bears but if there were grizzly bears around I'd be looking over my shoulder every second.

    1. Brown and black bears, I think there is 1 known grizzly but that's more in the NW section of the state. Most of the bears here are like cats, all over the place and constantly in the trash (not ours at least).

  3. That is very specific with the counting of nutritional stuff.

    As of late the Mrs. decided to do a low carb diet. In fairness she did not say I had to do it but A) she is the grocery shopper B) she is usually the cook and C) I want to support her. So long story short I'm eating low carb also.

    Right now I eat just about no carbs, a ton of protein and a fair bit of fat. Not sure what the protein count in grams is but I usually have 3 eggs with some meat for breakfast, meat and veggies for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner then some milk and a bit of peanut butter on some celery in the evening. Seems to be working though.

    As to the strongman. Strength athletes tend to perform well later (peaking 30-35+ vs 23-25) due to accumulated time at the weight pile. Weight is a lot bigger issue than age. A totally jacked 175 pound guy will lift like a very mediocre 210 pound guy.

    Honestly I'm not so sure about the functionality of strong man. Those dudes (at the ESPN level) are ridiculous but farmer's carries and bounder lifts are pretty gimmicky. Would lean towards a power lifting meet for sheer strength or if you are looking for all around fitness and lean that way a CF event.

    1. Good job Ryan for eating better and being supportive. When I go low to zero carbs my energy level for working out is crap. In my 200+ mile running months I ate everything and anything just to have the energy to airborne shuffle for a few hours on end. When I tried to count nutrients, I stopped eating, thinking I was overdoing it.
      I eat more now, just better things and mostly meats, homemade bread, veggies and peanut butter. Now I only crash out from physical exhaustion instead of energy deficiency.

      I agree on gimicky events, overhead medicine ball toss (50lbs for distance for example) is silly but training for it gets me explosive power in my entire core as well as strength in my chest, shoulders and arms. The basics here plus dead lifts, front squats, hang clean overhead presses, etc.

      I don't want to be a huge guy with a large keg-like stomach who can lift atlas stones. I suppose that has it's benefits but I'm not sure they can run for an hour... and who makes body armor in XXXL? Besides, I never thought round was a shape I ever wanted to be again.