Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweaty palms, or did I just watch American Blackout...

First off, some pictures from our front yard:

This picture was on the way to work, I've been looking at this tree several times a day and decided to snag a photo. If I'm motivated I'll get my good camera and get on it later, for now it's just iPhone quality from the window:

I recorded American Blackout last night, I actually really enjoyed it. It made me think I don't have enough, know enough, do enough, etc. There were a lot of unrealistic scenarios, but for the most part I thought they did a great job. The elevator jump, the penthouse invasion, the home fire, etc. were my favorites as far as being realistic (and in the penthouse case, perhaps deserving?)
The bugged out family in Colorado was good, until they didn't do anything about the useless daughters boyfriend giving away food.... but then I also realized they weren't armed and were doing night patrols and that entire scenario just caved. When the end of the movie came and it was the 'hostage' situation, we both agreed that there would have been a lot of dead people and the neighbor would probably die in his sleep that night.

Being part of a group has it's benefits as long as everyone is willing to help. Last night we loaned our flatbed car hauling trailer to a group member so he didn't have to rent a U-Haul trailer. He was very thankful, but we told him it's what we do as group-mates. If you are part of a group and aren't willing to help when times are good, I'm not going to be able to rely on you under stressful situations.

We are adding 2 families to our group, and my 'squad' this weekend. I'm responsible to keep everyone informed with group activities, meetings, events, etc. These additions give our squad the following: 14 children from infant to teenagers and 19 adults. Most of the male adults have military training, police undercover training, and a handful are currently active duty special forces. We also have a massage therapist, medic, administrators, construction people, homemakers, etc. It's a well rounded team and getting better each day.
Most of the doctors are on the other team (3 of them) but we feel comfortable as-is.

Here I was thinking my life was often dull and boring.


  1. I think your conclusions are spot on. Meanwhile, there's a lot of food for thought in this post...

    1. Thanks, I try to stay objective and remind myself it's entertainment but I can always learn something. Like the elevator people making what I think was a pole climbing harness.

  2. I thought the show was worthwhile. I know it had some unreasonable parts but overall it did hold my attention. First, I had been considering letting my daughter bring a bunch of her friends that I have only met once, up here in an emergency. The boyfriend in the bug out gave me second thoughts about that. Overall, from what I have been reading on blogs, people really trashed the show but I think that might be shortsighted.

    1. I always think it's silly to have around a years worth of dog food, but when the kid ran out of cat food on day 3 it made me glad I stock as much as I do.
      Having other people show up is a tough subject. People at work know we are preppers, but don't know the extent. Someone yesterday said they would show up if something happened and I said have fun in an empty house with nothing, we won't be there.
      Why would anyone want to put me/us in that type of a position boggles my pea brain. I tell people it's not a red cross symbol, it's a red dot.