Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Potato fail!

Anyone up for some baby potatoes? I failed on the adding more soil, miserably, so my potato harvest didn't give me 2 handfuls. Perhaps it's age setting in but I completely forgot to add more soil once the potato plants started getting tall. Since the new potatoes grow on top of the starters, they require more soil to be added... oops. I'll use these in a stew this weekend, I'm just glad I don't have to rely on the garden right now, mistakes like this could make us hungry.

I did make some cookies that turned out pretty awesome:
2C Oatmeal flour
1/3 C Sugar
1/2 C Protein powder (you choice on flavor, I use vanilla)
1T vanilla
6T coconut oil
1 Egg
Hand full of choco chips

More or less. These cookies don't spread out so you can put a lot of them on a sheet. I made balls and smooshed them down a little on the cookie sheet. They are better than regular choco chip cookies (healthier) and they tasted good enough to pass the co-worker test.

New toy. I always wanted an SBR, Sig m400, the length is perfect, the $20 is for comparison.


  1. Sorry about the taters; the cookies & SBR look excellent, though.

    1. Lessons learned when they aren't critical are very important lessons. The oatmeal flour in the cookies was something I never thought about before, great oatmeal taste, no much oatmeal chew-i-ness.

  2. Well, you didn't get many but it's a start. I haven't even gone that far.

    The rifle is very nice. I have an old Colt SP-1 carbine . No bells or whistles but it works.

    1. Bells and whistle never matter as long as it works. The SP1 is sort of the original!

  3. buddy, yer new weapon is gorgeous! just gorgeous i say! as for potatoes - tires buddy! you need some tires! tires and potatoes go hand in hand like bacon and eggs....we think we will have 180lbs this year with an additional 20lbs of seed potatoe for next year. you have my email if you have any questions. tires are the answer buddy!

    your friend,

    1. Well I understand why people use tires, much easier to build up as the plants grow. I just really forgot to add dirt and/or was possibly lazy when I did think about it. I'll certainly email you if I have spud questions!
      Nice harvest on your end.

    2. Kymber, in warm climates do the tires heat up the soil too much and cook everything or will it still work in the warm California sun?