Monday, October 14, 2013

A little fun at Starbucks

I'm one of those people, those gun nuts who just have to make a point and open carry in Starbucks, but this weekend I found a petition on the counter while waiting in line. I grabbed the pen and made a funny:
We went back on Sunday and it was still there, they didn't get many signatures I guess. They had 2 clipboards, I only altered the one... serve the people.. HA!

The yard is winter ready, the garden is removed and the compost pile is large. Today the ditch is being done for the sewer line repair, old clay lines shift and crack, allowing roots to get in and cause backups. This was a project that we didn't want to take on by hand, 6 feet down in Colorado clay... I'll grab photo's if it's still being worked on later this afternoon. This will also add a clean out access on the exterior as a bonus.

Not being a large fan of stewed type tomatoes, we are making more salsa. I think we can make another batch (usually 8 jars) and then we will be done.
This was a hot batch, I tossed in a little extra kick.
Ready to cover and boil.
Almost ready to get loaded into the storage area.
The news this morning told me I missed nothing this weekend. A rush at Walmart on EBT purchases (did you know some places let you take cash back with an EBT card?), political BS on the debt/budget that we all know will be fixed at the last minute (one can only hope it doesn't and we get a little reset), another homicide in town, 4 stabbings and a few armed robberies.

The mountains got some snow further West, enough to derail our plans to go out and check the foliage. We got so much done at home that we now have this coming weekend open. We are house and dog sitting for 2 weeks, so we can't go very far but will make an effort to at least get out and go shooting.

Here is a view of the mountains from the airport this morning. Colorado Springs seems small when looking at pictures, it's just spread out a lot. Time to visit some blogs.


  1. I think our color up on the surrounding mountains here will be a bust this year. It started out nice and with promise, but then folded. Too wet and too cool too soon.

    1. The colors here are the best I can remember, even in the city. A lot of green still, but it's going to be cold this week and I think it might just go from awesome to empty.