Monday, September 30, 2013

A little drug story

A MAG group member, in fact a member of my team, went to his rental house to fix a broken sprinkler head, here is what happened next:


What the story doesn't tell you is that there aren't any suspects, it wasn't illegal. In fact, the DEA let the renter go in and pick out 6 plants he wanted to keep. He is allowed to have 6 plants for medicinal purposes, so he got to keep whatever 6 he wanted. The remainder of the plants were destroyed.

How is this not illegal? I don't understand, perhaps my brain isn't working anymore. One of the renters did get put on the ground at gunpoint by my team member... that's what happens when you start digging in your pockets at a drug house.

So... nothing to see here, nothing illegal. Homeowners insurance won't cover the damage since they classify it as illegal activity, even though it's apparently not.


The first 2 police officers arrived on scene, 45 minutes AFTER the 911 call, one had an interaction like this:
Officer: I understand you are armed
Team member: Yes
Officer: Go ahead and put it in your car
Team member: No
Officer: Well you better stay away from me then
Team member: You better stay the hell away from me


$100k damage is the estimate to fix the house. There is mold everywhere... and mites, all of the drywall has to be replaced, as well as the insulation, and of course all of the damage done to the electrical and heating systems.

I predict some demolition and renovation work in my future. No problem, I like to help my friends out and hopefully learn some things in the process.

Or maybe that would be illegal. The world is f-n mad.


  1. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

    We're living in those "last days" the Bible talks about.

    1. We are living in some days for sure, everything is wonky but I'll just try to control the things I can and let the 'law' worry about whatever else.

  2. Is it not illegal because of Colorado's new pot law? After all, if you are allowed six plants the idiot just must not have understood. Six per square yard perhaps? If the cops don't prosecute it sounds like a lawsuit against the insurance company.

    1. Nobody could explain why it wasn't illegal. They are waiting for the final estimates before they file suit. I bet the legal fee's will be more than the fix.