Sunday, July 24, 2016

Operation 'not another splinter'

When we first got the cabin I picked up one of those fake grass carpets for the deck, the boards weren't exactly smooth and fun to walk on. The wind took that carpet and flew it off to the middle east, all those staples didn't stand a chance.
I wanted to try the carpet idea again, this time with wood strips on the mountain side of the deck to keep it secure. I was outvoted so we've lived with the deck for 2 years but last weekend I decided it was time to fix it instead of always wearing shoes. Sometimes it's just nice to walk outside in my pajamas and drink some tea while the sun rises on the mountains.

It was a hot weekend with a little bit of rain (most of it circled around and missed us) so we didn't start on the railing. I ended up being one flooring board short but a trip to the local hardware store will fix that next time we work on it. Railing boards are in the woodpile so this project will be done shortly. We ordered a new storm door to replace the battered one shown in the picture and also have some storage racks coming in for the garage. Time to organize everything into bins! Making things easier to find means they are also easier to put back where you got them.

We still have one woodshed cat, typhoid. Not friendly, doesn't like us... perfect. It really wont like us when we start on project 'get the damn wood put away'. I like project names, it makes them seem more exciting.

Steaks, buffalo steaks, burgers, biscuits and gravy, ice cream. A good weekend of food and hard work. The laundry needs to be swapped out and 13 Hours is sitting in the DVD player. Right now it's very quiet and the dozen+ hummingbirds are going to town on the sugar water feeder. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Had a GREAT weekend in Fort Collins, and we looked at 5 houses in LaPorte, Bellvue, and the Terry Lake area for our move out here.

    Sounds like your "Mountain Retreat" is coming along nicely.

    1. I hope you find something that's awesome. Things here are slowly progressing, sometimes it's hard to actually want to work because the area is filled with awaiting adventures.

    2. Of the five we looked at this time, and the five we looked at last Thanksgiving, 4 were "outta the park" for us, a couple were three-baggers, and the others were...."meh".

      I'm sure we'll find what we what, and where we want. We don't want to live in a typical subdivision, but want something more rural.

      We should be seriously writing big checks around this time next year....

  2. I had to replace my side porch this past Spring. I don't like doing that kind of work but it does feel really good when it's all finished.

    I like to be organized too. I need to open up my shop this fall when the air is cool and dry, and get everything in it's right place.

    1. The hardest part is always getting the old screws out. It went smooth but it's definitely hard on the body no matter what shape you are in, unless you are a contortionist. It's rewarding for sure and saves a lot of money.
      All of the racks came in but I failed to order the bins so that's a half-ass'd project right now.