Thursday, July 14, 2016

13,000 acres

The fire is still having a great time, almost 13k acres destroyed.

I suppose it's not destroyed, it's a cycle that happens. There are a lot of people there doing all sorts of things but they aren't trying to control anything yet. Since it's mostly Nat. Forest land they are letting it burn and doing what they can (evacuations, removing propane tanks, etc.) as it gets closer to private property.

They are expecting it to burn until winter.

The cabin had clear conditions, it's very rare that the winds come from the North so we should be just fine. Father in-law might make an appearance this weekend so hopefully the winds don't change because we won't be able to get him to wear a bird flu mask.

Painting is almost done, just have the trim left. With all of the windows taped off it was too hot to stay last night so we drove to the city. It was manageable for me but Rock panted constantly so I cranked up the A/C in the vehicle and we had a nice drive.

The painters have done a good job but for some reason they like to hang out on the grass, walk on the grass, sit on the grass. perfectly good sidewalk to use but nope, grass must get trampled. I watered the crap out of it before we left and will put a lot of water on the property this weekend, it's hot and dry and grass doesn't recover as well with these conditions.

No protests, no blocked roads. Life in the valley and mountains is just normal.


  1. Normal is good. It helps if you can focus on tangible things around your own place and ignore everything else but that is getting to be difficult.

    1. There is a lot to focus on here so that helps. The rest of the world is in a 'getting worse and don't know if it's going to get better' stage so I'll take the peace and quiet whenever I can.