Thursday, July 21, 2016

Here come the tomatoes

We've counted the green tomatoes and are up around 150 with a ton of flowers and growing season left. It's very exciting, $3-$5 a pound at the store, this will save us a lot of money.

The cucumbers are growing tall and fast, they should start to bear in the next week.

The lettuce has begun to go to seed for the 3rd or 4th year (we forget) so we will have some more fresh lettuce in another month.

The only thing we did different this year was buy a timer for the garden hose. It waters the yard and garden for 20 minutes each night at 6pm. No more, oops, we forgot.

Life is 'fruitful'.


  1. It's aways fun when the garden starts producing. Enjoy the eating!

  2. that's wicked Max! we are just starting to set little, tiny baby green tomatoes and it is always so exciting when the hard work pays off! make sure to eat a ton of tomatoe sandwiches - bahahahah! congrats!

    sending love. your friend,