Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Life at almost 9000 feet.

The neighbors wanted to talk for a while on Saturday. I took a break from splitting kindling and we had a nice visit. It was a one sided conversation but this is the closest they have been in 2 years. The horse on the right actually got close enough to sniff me but none of them let me touch them. I want to get some treats but need to talk to the Amish about what's ok to give them. Some people have told me carrots and apples but I want to check first, they might not want me giving them anything.

Sunday rolled in and they had plowed the roads in the early AM. I was surprised but then I remembered it was Easter and everyone in the county was going to church (except us select odd balls). We took Rock out for a nice hike once the sun broke over the ridge.
Our little damns are holding fine and we have more water in them than expected. I need to gather up more rocks (not an issue, they are everywhere) and build it up another couple of feet tall and wide. Once that's done I'll shovel a bunch of dirt over the entire contraption to help seal it up. The water looked so clear I wanted to dip a cup into it and take a drink.

The wind at the cabin and in the plains was non existent for a change. We both had a really nice run, I got a slight sunburn because that's just how I operate (who wears shirts anyhow?). It was the perfect temperature at about 55 degrees and the views were inspiring. The wind up on top of the peaks was fierce all day but it never materialized down low.
Back in the city we had received a foot of snow and it's already half gone, the sun is doing a good job of melting everything. The weekend was amazing, just what we both needed before I head off to Vegas for a few days of work.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. i'm glad that you had a great weekend! me and jam got sun-stroked the other day - we were in the hottub just yakking and yakking in the sun and just enjoying a full day off for him. so we were in and out of the hottub for like 3hrs maybe. and then in the evening both of us knew we had gotten way too much vitamin d. it happens every year!

    did you see my comment on one of your previous posts about the documentary we watched on netflix called "the barkley marathon"? it is so right up your alley, i am sure you would love to see this documentary. this marathon is crazy-crazy! jam told me not to tell you about it because you are crazy enough to sign up for it!

    here's the wikipedia link:

    i hope you get to see it - you'll love it!

    sending much love to the 3 of you! your friend,

    1. I did see your previous link, sorry I was a bad blogger and didn't respond. I'll check it out and while I'm not really over the top crazy, sometimes I just like to do random super hard things.
      3 hours in a hot tub, that got me dehydrated just thinking about it, wow. I'm glad you both are having a blast and enjoying spring. Can't wait to see how your garden grows this year!

    2. teehee. jam said he was pretty pruny but i have always thought of myself as a mermaid. guess what i just bought off the intrawebs...a mermaid tail! bahahahahah! i will do a post the minute i get it. i will use it in the hottub, in the river and in the ocean! it will be so awesome!

      trust me. when you watch this documentary - you are going to want to sign up for it. and jam is all like - kymber, yer gonna kill poor max. he will DEFINITELY sign up for this.

      and ya - you are really over the top crazy. but i just want you to enjoy something that i think will speak to you. promise not to sign up for it ok?

      sending much love to the three of you! your friend,