Monday, April 18, 2016

A little scuba diving!

With work in an uproar it was a perfect time to leave for a scuba diving trip. Truth be told we had this trip planned and although we had worries about leaving, the boss said to go. Something will always get in the way and we won't ever go anywhere.

The hotel was nice but the all inclusive part was horrible. I guess it's designed for people who like shit food and drinking too much while getting sunburned at the pool while being entertained from morning to night....

Yup, we hated it. A basic hotel would have done a better job. Oh well, we ate out all the time and had great seafood.

The diving was great! It was nice to be in good enough shape that my air supply lasted the entire planned dive duration, even in really strong currents. One dive had to be aborted because the current was too strong and everyone was running out of air after just 20 minutes. We had enough air for another 20 minutes, cardio and endurance counts. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

The pool was open so it was time to make a splash!

Some people get nervous, I want to ride them.

I was pointing to an enormous eel, or was asking for directions, not sure.

I love to look up close under the edges of the coral. I spent a lot of time upside down.
When not upside down I was hiding from the sunburn monsters.
There were a lot of these little guys at times.

Some name I don't know coral...

Splendid toad fish. This is one of the coolest fish ever if you get to see the whole thing.

Sleepy fish I nicknamed rock fish for no apparent reason.

These little bastards swarm and sting the shit out of you.

Think this is some sort of crab. It looked so awesome.

Now we are back home and shoveled snow... yup, from 85 and sunny to 20 and 2 feet of snow. No problem, we shoveled at the cabin and went for a run. Everything is greening up nicely and the snow is going to make a big difference and should put the snow levels at normal. The water is flowing great and we just can't get enough of being down there, even after a week in the Caribbean!


  1. Looks like fun. And you get the best of both worlds, sun and snow.

    1. We had a great time. This snow, plus a few more inches last night was just what we needed. The yard will really green up now and this weekend there will be a lot of planting and seeding done. The list of projects seems to be growing but at least most of it's manageable.

  2. Your trip sounded like a perfect getaway. I heard there was snow, which is slowing down our progress but not stopping it. Can't wait to get there myself.

    1. It's almost all gone as of this morning and with the next few days in the 60's it's going to be springtime for sure. We have reached average snowfalls and the mountains are deep so the creeks should be great.
      I'm hoping to drop in some blackberry bushes and throw down seed. We have a lot of limb trimming to get done, deck to redo and expand, everything to repaint, rocks to drop in and expand the damns, etc. Should be a great weekend!