Friday, March 25, 2016

Cake by the ocean!

Part of my job is to make sure I stay up to date on trends, apps, music, whats popular, buying cycles, etc. Sometimes it's annoying and I have a hard time wrapping my head around much of the crap that people like. Other times I get to really enjoy what I do.

So in a nod to the trending song 'cake', here is a photo of cake by the ocean.
What am I doing at the beach?
How about a private concert by Jewel... yup I'll take that, she is one of my favorite artists.

I had to hang out in Miami for work, south beach to be specific. The humidity was brutal and the weather was in the mid 80's. A shock to my system but I loved it and enjoyed the challenge of running in that humidity. I learned a lot of work stuff and enjoy a few hours on the beach.
Views from the room:

Unfortunately while I was flying back home we had a key manager delete everything on his computer and walk out. Didn't bother to tell anyone he was quitting, he just left. I've been filling in and still managing my workouts and cabin time. Unfortunately that's all there is, no time for several projects that we need to work on. I am heading to Vegas next week for work so it's only going to become more hectic at work. We've also started construction on our expansion after a year of hold-ups based on city planning and codes and crap.

We are healthy and happy and it's great to be needed and leaned on when times are tough. Between pushing my limits working out and everyone else pushing my limits at work, I am learning new things every single day. Thats how it should be.

Cheers (and snacks)!

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