Monday, February 15, 2016

Is grocery shopping romantic

Just picture it, walking down the isles together, pushing a cart with a busted wheel that scares even the most seasoned shopper. Walking past the pop-tarts, the ramen noodles, sketchy looking ground beef.

While probably not the most romantic setting, we have learned over the last few months to enjoy the little time we spend together so we actually enjoyed our little hallmark holiday together for a few hours.

The boss is out of town for the holiday weekend with his wife so we are house and dog sitting. When I say we, I don't mean me. While I love most animals I don't enjoy having to leash 4 dogs in order to take them out to a fenced yard. You can't leave them alone for one minute or they are eating a plant, eating mushrooms, rocks, socks, toilet paper, etc. It's a real pain in the ass and takes a lot of time so that bit into whatever time we had planned together to be surrounded by roses and chocolate (and by that I mean laundry and vacuuming).

The cabin was amazing, high 50's for a temperature on Saturday and very peaceful and calming. I managed a 2 mile run without too much difficulty so I'm hopeful my knee rehab is almost complete. I won't be running every day but I'll try every other and see how things progress.

Rock and I managed a lot of hiking as well, he enjoyed splashing in the mud and getting dirty and thought it was spectacular that I had to clean him off by walking in the deep snow with him.

Work reared in, as it always seems to do, and tried to ruin things. I lost a lot of sleep thinking about why someone would have an affair with someone that works for them. From 'I was told I would be fired if I didn't'  and the old 'that person got more business/financial gain because of the sex' it's just bad news all around. With a couple hundred employees I'm surprised this didn't come to light sooner but these are the kinds of things that businesses have to handle ASAP in order to protect themselves so it consumed a lot of my time unfortunately.

We are heading to Texas this week for a road trip and some (non work) fun and training. Looking forward to a few days together.

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