Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy and inspirational Friday!

Someone told me there was a debate last night...

The only debate I know about was the one I had with my brain about doing a second workout for the day. When the body says stop (and thats really your brain) you have 80% left. I ended up learning some Thai Boxing and even though my knee hurts today, it was great training. Spent almost 3 hours at the gym in total, tonight is a night off and I really need it.

Working hard to stay in top athletic condition because prepping the body is just as important (and perhaps more important) than a lot of things people focus so much time on. This picture includes my coach, he is fighting next week in Bellator MMA. He was in the UFC reality show, fought in the UFC and currently is the RFA welterweight champion.

We work around some of my limitations he always makes me work hard so I don't let myself down. If I'm only going to be here this one time, I'm trying to fill that dash (the one between birth and death on the headstone) so they have to buy an extra long stone.

It's an amazing day, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Get out there and push those limits, exit your comfort zone, do something new.

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