Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mid-week update

Almost the end of a busy week, and I'll drink to that. Actually I already have, 2 drinks to be exact. That's several months allocation of booze but it was a great dinner with friends after a rough day at work.
We've had corporate people crawling all over and another company they brought along. They are 'here to help' but in reality didn't point out anything that we didn't already know that we needed to work on (customer service and communication issues). We already have processes in place but it's really embarrassing as this is my first time being in charge.

I took out my frustration and anger on my MMA coach with some kickboxing. The reality is I punched and kicked and swore and he laughed a little bit and gave me pointers. I just got back from my second gym session of the day, I spent an hour working on my kicking game, core and flexibility.

I'm sitting on my butt listening to the sprinklers in the garden and debating if I can actually get up and get some ibuprofen. My legs hurt from kicking the bag and pads, my knuckles hurt from being stupid and hitting the heavy bag without wraps or gloves. My shoulders hurt because they don't like me, etc. Honestly it's a damn good feeling even if I'm wearing my 5th shirt of the day and the laundry basket is angry with me.

A blogger I've followed for a long time is moving down by our cabin, and I think that's really exciting. I'm hoping we get to know each other in person, I have a lot of respect for this blogger and perhaps I can lend a hand as they move in. I would love to meet more people from the blogging world but for some reason my travels never take me really close to where they are (or where I think they are). When I was younger and into video games I was able to meet a lot of players and still have some great friendships as a result.

Time to switch out the hose and water the yard. A lot of things going on this weekend to plan (bike ride, running, scavenger/adventure hunt, ride/run/walk event with Chick-Fil-A, yard work, etc.). A life, full and fulfilled.


  1. I hope you can connect with the blogger & develop a good relationship. That's awesome!

  2. I feel sorry for your coach.....

    I keep up with that other blogger's posts. I think the situation is a great idea.

  3. Sorry you are having a tough time at work. For me it was always March, when the independent audits of all the partnerships took place.

    People used to do blogfests and some would come greatly distances, but nobody seems to do that these days.