Saturday, July 18, 2015

Inventory, endurance, new Jeep, lists....

I like lists as they keep me on track and somewhat organized. Unfortunately I never seem to get them completed as more (and more) items get added.

Rock and I are at the cabin and just unloaded some buckets (well I unloaded them, he stared out the window) of beans.
NOT long term buckets....

We are doing a great job of keeping inventory on the long term food storage we have here. I'm good at having an idea of what totals we have but having an inventory thats cloud based lets us check from anywhere when we think we need an item. We currently have 160 or more #10 cans that need to get transported down here and 8 buckets. Deciding to move a majority of the food storage down here was a big leap and took a lot of thought. We will still have months of inventory at home, just nothing long term (5+ years shelf life) besides some MRE's.

While out hiking with Rock this morning we noticed one of our tree's fell in the road and someone cut it up and moved it back onto our property. Since it's not an emergency I'll wait until next weekend when we are both here and then get the chainsaw working. We have about 1/2 cord of wood we have collected that needs to be cut to size and split. There are a few more tree's we might knock down depending on how the work weekend list goes (yes, another list).

I've been doing a lot of running lately, more than initially planned but I'm finally getting good at it again. I set a new time record on one of my favorite trails, dropped 3 minutes off my best time. It wasn't even an optimal weather or fueled day. My MMA coach told me I need to work on my endurance more so I'm adding longer gym workouts and longer runs. I'm dropping the amount of weight I'm lifting and focusing on more explosive and dynamic movements. It doesn't mean I'm not grabbing heavy things once in a while but that's the exception instead of the rule.
Today I'm attempting to run up the mountain FSR and back. The distance isn't concerning but the elevation gain is pretty brutal. I'll just take it slow and airborne shuffle my way up. Nothing gets your endurance cranked up like running at 8500-10500 feet in 4 miles.

People are out and about for the summer in the cabin area. The county put a 'dead end' sign on the road a few miles away and that's cut the traffic down about 70% from last summer. That means we only hear a few vehicles over the course of the day but we do see a few neighbors out for walks. They weren't sure what to make of my get home bag but Rock and I don't care. Normally my hands are full of dog harness so I just nod and say hello but don't engage in much conversation. People are very private here and that's perfect.

I had a white Jeep many years ago, and now we are getting another one. Our current Jeep hits the auction on Wednesday and we should make a few thousand more than we paid for it. This new Jeep has 35" tires, winch, off-road bumpers, etc. The interior and functions are exactly the same as current Jeep but it's also going to lower the vehicle debt total by $10k and thats nothing to scoff at since we really hate making payments.

55 degrees outside but the clouds are starting to disperse. Almost time to work on my running tan. Have a great weekend/week!


  1. I sure do like that Jeep. I had a nice Wrangler back about six years ago. One of two vehicles I bought new in my life. I traded it in for a Jeep Commander when my daughter needed a new vehicle, gave her the commander. My next vehicle will probably be used but I'd like one similar to what you got, dark green with a winch.

    1. The Jeep we are getting rid of was our first new vehicle together but this one is more set for our adventurous lifestyle. This will be my 4th Jeep, and our 6th combined. It's hard to find another vehicle that's as capable and isn't a pickup.

      I'm the only one who likes the color, OD green would have been great but when you stumble onto an amazing deal you can't bee too picky. I can always have it wrapped in highlander or something...

  2. I love Jeeps, but they're almost too light for the winters here. Our 4x4 is 10 yrs old now, but it was a cash purchase. No payments, 'cause I hate 'em too.

    1. I agree that Jeeps are almost too light. I've spent many a day in the winter floating across snow until the winch line gets pulled and the shovels come out. That was for fun, wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis just to function.
      Finance rate on the Jeep is 1.9% so we opted to let our money make more than that instead of outright payments.

  3. Whew, I'm tired just reading of all that running. Nice Jeep.

    1. We all have things we are good at and/or love. I'm not really good at running but I do love it. Trying to combat the effects of age but really only time will tell if it's worth it.