Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shorts, skates and cycles of sun

I won't be the cause of jealousy and envy, so no picture of me in my running shorts.

As with the weather in most places, wait an hour or 12 and it will change. In Colorado the extremes are just.... extreme? Thursday I go for a run in 55 degree weather and sunshine, Friday I'm back in town and there is an inch or more of ice on everything. Saturday I'm at the cabin again and running in the sunshine. On and off sun and ice over a few days.

We've had cold weather and snow the last two days, today it's going to be in the 50's and continue on over the weekend.
I've always said that in Colorado you have all 4 seasons, you might just not enjoy whatever season decided to land on a particular day but overall it's very reasonable.

We were going to be in Cancun but at the last minute the travel agent was able to cancel the trip with a small penalty, to be rescheduled in a couple of months. Mother in Law probably will be departing in the next week, but as with all things, who really knows. I still took my vacation time, I have another 7 days to use in the next few weeks so I'm on  half days at work.

The table and bench we purchased for the cabin finally arrived. The order was placed in the middle of June.

We really like the look and weight, and think t hey fit in just fine. Once we get the front rooms tiled, it will be an even better match. The table itself weighs around 400 pounds if not more.

I managed to be in the gym for 4 days this week and am continuing to make progress on my strength and keeping my mouth closed. Last time I was really active in the gym I wasn't being careful about how much food I was eating and got burnt out on the lack of progress (in physique). Now I'm fairly careful about how much food I'm eating and what type of food it is. I'm still able to run well and lift well as I trim down so I think I've finally nailed it.

On Dec 26th I posted a picture of some 95 pound dumbbells. I prefer the dumbbell presses to the barbell, it keeps my shoulder from snapping angrily at feel better overall. The gym only has one dumbbell at 100 pounds so when the 95's got feeling easy I just stepped right up to the 105's

I think in another week or so I'll be using the 110's. Right now at the 105's I'm lifting over half my body weight in each hand.

Fun times in Colorado.


  1. Cancun sounds good; I'm headed to HI in April (same latitude, as I recall).

    1. We are hoping to get down there in March, otherwise it's going to be jammed into another month with too many things going on already.

  2. It's been awfully cold all across the country. And this is just the start of real winter.

    1. We already had our really cold weather so with any luck it won't come back. Today it's going to be in the 50's again.

  3. You will need to keep lifting weights in order to move that table! It looks great in the cabin.

    1. No doubt, it's a heavy table. It's pretty neat how everything just sort of looked great in the cabin, without much effort. We got a new couch and chair for the city house and it ended up being a darker color than the showroom. It actually worked out perfect once again.