Sunday, January 18, 2015

As the sun slowly fades

Rock and I are staring out of the window, we are exhausted. 7+  miles a day of Rock hikes, a few hundred pushups and a few 3 mile runs. I really want to go out and enjoy the sunset but it's going to be more of a star gazing kind of night, we hope. If you don't find your failure points you won't know what you can really do.

Normally I run uphill for the first half of my runs, sort of a no brainer to me, but I feel it's a little like cheating. I don't usually let up on the pace in either direction, but for a change I ran downhill to start. It was a nice change, but there were some conversations with myself on the long lonely road. When you are exhausted and want to give up, you keep thinking about things that provide motivation (hey, are those zombies horses?).

The Amish thought I was crazy yesterday when I ran by in my little running shorts and tank top. Today ALL the Amish thought I was crazy as I ran by the house they were having Sunday service at (not sure what they call it, but I doubt it's called church for some reason).

We had Sunday brunch with the neighbors... I'm not sure when they are moving, but I'll be out of town for a bit and might not see them again. Rock wasn't impressed but he only howled a little bit. Good neighbors often make good company. Lori the dog, Rabies the cat (we thought the named fit).

Here is a picture that could have been identical over the weekend, on several different occasions.
Rock did enjoy getting on the snow and sniffing out rodents and digging for them. The wind wasn't so bad today, but the last 2 nights it's been howling hard enough to make me concerned about a tree coming down. 45 yesterday, 50 today and of course the fire is just about ready to be lit as the sun has now been swallowed by the mountain demons.

I have so much going through my brain right now that I'm going to curl up in front of the fire with Rock and read another zombie book. It won't provide insight into anything, it won't make me understand stupid people, it wont help me decide if I should buy another AR. It will kill some time before we go check out the stars... if I can manage it, I'm super beat up.

Tomorrow is another day and we will head home in the afternoon. I need to get some clothes packed and some work done.


  1. I think most of the Amish sects call it worship and I believe it has to be held at a private residence. Wouldn't surprise me if that varied though and I know some Mennonites do have actual churches. I saw one yesterday as a matter of fact.

    I thought our 30 MPH + winds were bad. 40 to 50? eeeek

    1. The good thing about having tree's is they help block the wind. There is always the bad thing about tree's in the wind as well but we can't imagine it any other way.

      Out in the open, the stars are amazing tonight. Mile 10 with Rock, he's had enough for one weekend.

  2. You can see forever out there. Unless I get on a mountain top or ridge, I can see about six feet on average. The woods are too dense.

    1. Whats neat is that when you get in the tree's, it's like an entirely different area. The woods don't get super dense until you get up higher where the wind has knocked so many down.