Friday, October 10, 2014

Almost "normal" and some photo's.

So, it's been a busy couple of weeks but things have settled a bit. I feel almost back to normal, so I should be back around updating and reading again. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, positive energy does help.

Mother in law should be out of the hospital on Monday, she is finally recovering well after a nightmare in a "recovery center" so she was readmitted and will soon be right as rain. Once she is fully recovered, it's time to tackle what ended up being stage 1 category 3a cancer (can't remember cancer of what).
The surgeon said she is the healthiest 76 year old he has ever seen, so she does have that going for her. We are expecting everything to be fine.

Wednesday was my Birthday so I got up early, 02:30, and drove up a rocky mountain road to watch the lunar eclipse. I'm a believer of spending quality time alone sometimes, and this was a great experience. Standing in the snow, watching the moon slowly vanish while listening to the water rush down the creek.
The original plan was to do a hike, but now that I'm 42 I made a wiser decision and cancelled the headlamp mountain side scramble. I suppose older is wiser.... sometimes. Here are some photo's from around the cabin from the last few weeks.


  1. Happy birthday. Glad your maw-n-law is better. Great photos.

    1. Glad you like the photo's, it's a wonderful time of year to have a nice camera.