Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Work and the hospital, a small update.

Things are crazy. Work is in maximum overdrive with record month after record month. The plus side is larger paychecks and seeing 25% increases in month and year to date numbers.
The downside is less time together at home (working for the same company with different hours) and of course when you have big growth, small growth doesn't seem as exciting to the boss.

and then....

Mother in law had surgery last night to remove a large tumor. The tumor was causing her ovary to twist and put her in serious pain and mess with blood flow to the point of passing out a lot. It started slow a few weeks ago and rapidly escalated.
We don't know if it's cancerous yet, that will take a week or so, but the operation went smooth and everything around the tumor was healthy.

Time will tell on everything, but it has thrown a wrench into our normal very stable and smooth lives. When it's the caregiver who gets sick, it's very scary. Father in law is doing ok, but when you have a set role in the house, these sort of things cause havoc on the smallest levels. We don't think he knows how to do laundry, as an example, so it's a fine balance of patience and understanding.

I'll try to hammer out a real update on the homestead, the cabin, etc. as we have been busy. No guarantees as to when. In the meantime, here is a picture of Rock after we got home from a work trip to Vegas. He couldn't find a toy fast enough, so he found a "stick".


  1. i like a dog who thinks "big"!

  2. Sorry to hear about your MIL - I pray she gets better quickly, and a finding of "benign".

    And +1 on Matt's comment. :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I was afraid there had been some kind of family issue when you didn't do any posts for so long.

  4. i always worry about you and yours but i always know that no matter what - you guys are always busy living your lives. i pray for benign with the Rev...and hope that you guys actually get some down time soon. much love to you and yours buddy!

    your friend,