Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A garden photo

Life has been amazingly busy, and while we always know May and June are the busy months, it's actually a surprise this year how much we are doing.

One of my guys left to do full time ministry so I had to panic and fill a key position. Luckily I knew the perfect person and we made it happen in a very short time frame. It did uproot his life a little to take the job and move from the pacific northwest but I am thinking of amazing positives for him and his girlfriend in the long run.
We have an event at work almost every weekend in the summer, and I have to head for Seattle for a conference next week. I'm out of town for the rest of this week, back for 1/2 a day, then away for 4 more. The one weekend I'm home with no work event we will finish packing the tools and items for the cabin.

The garden is doing well, I have a couple of tomato plants that are struggling but I planted more than enough. I know why and it's my fault, so another lesson learned about hail and removing the buckets from the plants before it gets too hot out.
We hoe'd the bean rows to keep the bushes from leaning too much. I prefer bush beans to climbers, but next year I might just install some chicken wire and change to climbing vines.
The lettuce we planted 2 years ago is almost ready to seed again, we just don't eat enough of it but it's there. The chives are amazing this year, they are going to seed right now. A random potato started to grow and the other random stuff I planted in odd spots is actually coming through.

Less than 2 weeks until closing on the cabin. I could have closed today but I felt it was silly to do closing paperwork and leave town for 10 days.

We managed to get some ATV riding in, hiking, running, indoor rock climbing, and more. I've finished 4 books in the last 2 weeks and should get another 3 read this week while I'm out of town. One of the hikes I took was with my 50lb. pack, it had been a while since I rucked with it and I did great. I've changed up my diet a lot in the last couple of weeks and I'm finally getting adjusted to it.

In the great wisdom from a dog:
When it's hectic and fast paced, sometimes we all need to take 5 minutes under a shade tree. Next to a creek would be better.

I hope everyone is doing well, I'll make my way around to blogs when I have a chance, maybe in a couple of weeks.


  1. Geez, Max, it makes me wonder what you do in your spare time. :)

  2. That's too frenetic a pace. Good thing you are young.

  3. i have to agree with the other commenters, but you ARE young and in really good shape. you mentioned that you have changed up your diet - can you explain. tell Rock he is gorgeous! and don't forget to save the lettuce and chive seeds for next year's garden!

    your friend,