Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter property scouting

We decided to get away for the weekend, there have been a lot of issues with people at work lately and what better time to check out our possible future living area. We've never been to the area in the winter, so this will give us a taste of what it's like. I'm pretty sure it's a lot like home but with a little more wind due to the open setting of the area.

Here is a link to where we decided to stay. It's pet friendly so we will get Rock out and about for some adventuring. The picture is how the entire area really looks, it was a mining community until the ore ran out, then German immigrants from New York settled in to try farming. While many of the farms and ranches failed, a few were very successful. Today many are for sale if you can plop down a million plus for a lot of prime ranch land with water rights. The mountains that surround the area (the wet mountains) have water flowing all year (all of the mountains are national forest).

We hope to find something with a small structure or vacant that will have what we want. Soil that is good or can be improved, good sun exposure for 60% of the day and water. Full time running water means the price goes way up, but we think it's worth it. Hopefully that would mean the well would be shallow allowing for a solar pump without a huge mammoth battery pump setup.

The population is low, here is how it's laid out:

They have a lot of small town festivals and bluegrass concerts. A few more pictures from a past trip are here. Also some here.

This is late spring after a rain when the normal sub-par land explodes into color.

We are expecting a good time, adventures and our usual antics. We won't go too crazy since we are taking the truck, both off road rigs are currently down for repairs. One has a panhard rod being shipped in, the other needs a new fan clutch. They are operational but we don't feel comfortable with them away from home, better to be safe than on a tow truck.


  1. Thank you for leaving the kind comment about the loss of my black lab Barkley. It helped.

    Beautiful pictures. My daughter and her husband live just north of there, where she grew up with the folks who adopted her.

    Best to you, Brigid

    1. It's beautiful country, just trying to find the perfect slice of pie is hard. Might have to settle on something and work hard at development.