Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Food for how many people?

I found a recording on my DVR called 'how to survive the end of the world' or something like that. I guess I had set it to record and a new episode happened to pop up. The episode was about a release of methane gas from underwater drilling and how the earth would react to a huge release (ie. warm up and cause super storms). As with all end of the world stuff it was interesting but all of the science was really futurists trying to predict what might happen.
One fact they gave was that there is only enough stockpiled food, in the world, to feed 1 billion people for 30 days. That number is staggering and while a billion people seems like a lot, the estimated population of the planet (in 2010) was over 7 billion.

The drought across much of the US hasn't helped food prices, and certain areas of California aren't getting any water from the Gov't this year. I'm sure I heard that's around 25-30% of the fruit production for the US. It's already really expensive to eat healthy and shop on the outside edge of a grocery store, now there isn't any relief in sight.
Just interesting statistics and stuff to think about. We are getting more jam made in the next few weeks before the prices go up more, then we will be done until fall.

Rock and I have been walking almost each night. With daylight savings it will be lighter earlier so I'm going to change to morning walks. Less people and it won't get in the way of my running. Where we live it's either walk him on the street (no sidewalks) or walk him in open spaces. The street isn't safe with traffic and the open spaces always have people. We try to avoid people as much as we can, since they all have off leash dogs, but that actually bothers me.
We are doing everything correct, why should we be the ones to be picky about what trail we take or path we climb. We do, I am, but it makes me a little more disappointed. So far, so good, no dog has gotten within 5 feet of us and we are enjoying ourselves. When the reservoir opens in a few months I'll be able to hike up with him and let him go swimming. I'll bring a long retractable leash for that, it's sort of like fishing. Nobody else will have a leash, so that's where it's going to get interesting but if I'm up in the morning it should be OK.

Besides, a bored Rock says, 'fingers taste like hot dogs'.
Yes, that night light never shuts off. It has been removed, I like a blackout at night.


  1. Between FEMA telling us to stockpile emergency supplies, DHS telling us we're terrorists if we do, and the weather-related crop disasters in the last few years, there could be some exceptionally ugly times ahead.

    1. I've been called worse thing, today in fact. I'll just keep doing what I think is right and prudent, even if it's not always the right thing to do.

  2. That's a series on Nat Geo. They aren't bad, if you can get past the huge Nat Geo logo on the lower part of the screen all the way through the show. Even worse, they have started advertising their low end redneck exploitation series in the upper left. I sent them an email and told them I paid Direct TV to watch their programs, not all the crap they put on the screen. I'm sure they will pay attention.....

    1. That reminds me of watching football, every time the announcers talk they put in a plug for whatever popular, vomit inducing reality/voting dancing/gang warfare show they have.

      Cynical? Who me?