Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend cooking and magazine control

I've read a few blogs that talk about things letting up a little in the great panic. I'm glad there is availability of things for some people, here in lovely Colorado Springs, there isn't crap. The high capacity magazine (more than 15) has a good chance of being passed by the legislature, and should have a final vote in the next 7-10 business days. It also requires background checks for all firearm purchases, including private transactions.
What the wording doesn't cover is how a citizen proves the magazine they have is grandfathered in. This means you are automatically a criminal unless you carry a receipt with you, or some other way to prove. Innocent until proven guilty has become a running joke in society, here is another case proving such.

Letting up... I don't think so. I'm not a panic buyer but I am ordering a few things today, just in case. While they might not be things I need, a few extra pistol magazines won't hurt. xdm 19 round 9mm, taurus 18 round pt92/99... new school and old, a grand mix. If the legislation passes, I'll have to have other people order things in and then road trip out of state to pick them up.

As of checking the new right now: The Democratic-led House voted Monday to ban large-capacity magazines, placing a limit of 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns. Lawmakers also passed a requirement for background checks on firearm sales between private parties.


I had a busy weekend doing prepper like things. Vac sealed some burger since I can't pressure can right now. I need to buy a propane single burner so I can keep the heat/pressure up. Some people have luck using a glasstop stove but I'm not wanting to risk it. I'll get a burner this weekend.
Vac sealing wet things can be frustrating, if it pulls too much of the juice, it won't seal. Bag 1 went just fine:
You can see that bag #2 had to much juice and didn't seal properly. I made a second effort with a new bag and ended up double sealing it to be sure, it had a lot of juice around the seal line:
The difference was the top bag has patties instead of blocks, I should have made them all patties for ease of sealing.
I needed brown sugar so I ran downstairs to the grocery store and picked up a bag for general use from 1/12, I keep it separate from my long term supply. I use brown sugar in my spaghetti sauce:
The entire Saturday dinner was from food storage. 3 cheers for not going to the store. I keep about 40 pounds of spaghetti noodles, next Costco run will add another 20 or so. My weekend fight night dinners can use 4 pounds.

After posting the recipe for chocolate sheet cake, I had a craving all week and finally gave in.
This is before the oven, trying to get the air bubbles out. It was not as successful as it could have been, I was lacking patience.
While waiting for the cake (18 minutes), I had some zucchini bread I put away last summer:
All thawed and ready for tea!

Out of the oven, cooling down awaiting the frosting. I decided a very thin layer of frosting was in order, if I was going to eat cake I wanted it a little healthier than normal.
Those dots all over the cake are powdered sugar that didn't get mixed in very well. Did I mention I lacked patience this weekend? It doesn't matter, there is only 1/2 a cake left, I sent a lot home with the in-laws after dinner last night. We had them over for steak and 'taters, salad and buttermilk biscuits. Everything but the steaks was from food storage.

Here is a shot of the kitchen lights, now that they are all up and running:
 Main lights are on a dimmer switch, something every kitchen needs.

Once the window trim is done, these will really stand out against the background. We are still debating on what kind of blinds we want. I'm leaning towards what we already have, adjusting the height/number of slats.

Enjoy your week, be productive.... or find the end to the internet. Again.


  1. Everything looks good. Re: magazines/ammo/whatnot, it's still scarce up here. Friends in the Midwest tell me it's better there, so perhaps the brown truck of happiness will get some business from us.

    1. I know it's better in some spots, but certainly not here, especially now.
      Fun while it lasted!

  2. Great post and great pictures. We are in complete agreement with you. Always a pleasure.

    1. Thanks Jane, appreciate you reading my randomness!

  3. Max,
    When I do my vacuum sealing for patties, I make my patties, then place on a cookie sheet and freeze and then seal.
    Everything looks delicious. I am hoping to do some prepper things as we are in for a winter storm and maybe I can get a breather and finish up some things from my hectic few weeks.
    Love the kitchen!
    Hold fast.

    1. Take some time in your hectic-ness to breath a little.
      I don't have any more room in my freezer, but next time I have burger I'm probably going to freeze it, or at least get it really cold before I seal it.

  4. Max is this something you can use?

    1. That looks good but I've already ordered everything. It's a (insert expletives here) shame, a true shame. People vote on things without knowledge, understanding or reasoning. Emotions aren't supposed to be part of politics....

      ah fuck it, why rant.

  5. I'm still envious of the 15 rounds, here in CA we get less than that. I know the new New York law (or maybe it not final yet) doesn't allow grandfathering at all. That law says they can sell their magazines out of state...they can't keep them.

    When I'm sealing moist or wet foods I throw in a paper towel to catch the moisture. It's sort of like the grocery store putting the pad down in the bottom of the meat trays or it in with the bagged fresh chicken. It's works every time for me.

    The kitchen looks wonderful, enjoy cooking and baking.

    1. That's a great idea on the paper towel, I'll certainly use it next time. We should be getting a freezer in the next month, I'll be sealing a lot of food then!

  6. The proving a mag is pre ban (and grandfathered) is problematic to put it nicely. No mags have (to my knowledge) dates or serial numbers on them. Other than a mag that doesn't exist before the ban (PMAG Gen 4, Glock Gen 5, Whamo Blaster 15, etc) how does one prove it is legitimately grandfathered or not?

    Even a receipt would just show you bought A mag not THAT mag.

    Tam's comment that "Your magazines will be obviously pre-ban and legal if you are over thirty, white, clean cut, no priors, valid tags and insurance, polite to the officer, and sober. (And they're not trying to get you for something else at the time, in which case it will be used as a "piling on" charge by the prosecutor.)" is disturbingly on the mark.

    1. I dont understand how dating magazines after the ban would help anyone. Anything made after the ban would be legal right... so I just can't wrap my head around it.
      For every officer who says they wont enforce (or it's impossible to enforce), there are more who will do whatever it takes to enforce it.

    2. Max, After the fact dating, especially in a state/ regional ban would not be helpful. If Colorado chosen one mags were dated somehow that would not affect mags bought in Nevada, Montana or Wyoming.

      The issue is more that it is to my knowledge impossible to tell a Gen 3 Glock 9mm mag made today from one made the day after the Colorado ban starts. If somebody picked you up then threw the book at you it would ruin a normal guy trying to prove the mag in his Glock was legal BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROVE. In a 'push' Joe Citizen might not go to jail but he will probably be jobless and bankrupt.

    3. Magazine profiling will replace racial profiling! 3 cheers for racial equality.