Friday, February 15, 2013

A great valentines dinner

Not that we celebrate a lot of holidays, or even saints like Valentine, but it's still nice to surprise one another. After 17 years, it's still the little things that usually make all the difference, and hopefully will work the same magic in another 20 years.

We are house and dog sitting, we don't have room for a dining room table this big.
 Pot roast, bell peppers, baked 'taters, salad, bread and some chocolate dipped strawberries. Little candy hearts on the place mats... how cute!
 The cork was a little brittle but once in a while you get to bust open a really good bottle of wine. 1996 Opus One, one of my favorites when I let myself drink. $120 a bottle 17 years ago, didn't look up a value for today, we just enjoyed something sitting around for a long, long time.
This isn't a wine, it's not really a port, it's hard to say exactly what it really is. It's from Santorini, Greece and a tablespoon after dinner makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

It's been a busy week, back on my game after being in Orlando. I've got a lot going on at work and at the gym. I've doubled my workout intensity and added some more for each night, it's paying off fast but it's very demanding. Trying to pick up more running and maintain the muscle I've gained is going to be really hard but I'm making a big effort.

I'm also craving chocolate sheet cake, I shouldn't have posted the recipe... I'll make one this weekend.


  1. did you just say "roast"? ugh. i'm dieing here! but it looks like you had a lovely valentine's dinner especially with that horrifically expensive wine! i think a $15 bottle is expensive - bahahahahah!

    (oh and as a side-note...yesterday when jambaloney and i were carrying our compost bucket to the compost heap, it occurred to me that valentine's day was coming up soon or else we had missed it. i said to jambaloney "babe, is it valentine's day?". he didn't know so we had to come in and check the internet - bahhahaha! we're knobs!)

    your friend,

    1. I agree it's horrifically expensive, but the less you drink the more you can spend once in a while vs. spending a little often.

      You are not knobs, it's just funny to wonder if it's VD while hauling compost.

  2. The oppositional relationship between strength and having long distance running capability is not something you can get away from. Dudes who run ultra's do not press 400 and squat 600 and visa versa.

    I think the best case is that a person can be detached and realistic enough to figure out what they really want (super strong and no running ability, some varying combination of both or an endurance machine who cannot press body weight) and be able to figure out how to effectively train for it.

    1. I'm mid road and I know it, it's just a lot of work to maintain it. I don't want to run long distance anymore, but I want to keep my endurance for running half marathons (even at my old slow pace). It really means at least 30 more minutes of working out each day, and realistically more like 60 minutes.
      I guess it's a great battle to have, I can't think of a negative.

    2. Max, I think unless you have a narrow sport specific goal middle of the road is the way to go.

      Now that you mention it being able to do a half whenever is a pretty solid but still realistic goal for endurance.