Sunday, February 24, 2013

The great panic is great

The great panic is getting better.... Oh hell no. Perhaps if you want 10mm, 7mm or some .300 otherwise there isn't anything locally and the prices online are silly. I certainly understand profit, it's not a bad word, I just hope that most people didn't need too much. I'm stunned by the shortage, and we've seen shortages before, but this one is the worst yet. I was after some cleaning patches but wandered around a few sporting goods and firearm stores. I have an odd knack at finding things, 3 boxes of .308 was in the wrong stack so that was a nice find. One store now has a lottery Friday mornings so if you aren't first in line you have a chance at the popular rifles. A lottery... for rifles and pistols.
Another large sporting goods store has a paper sign on the doors stating 'no ammunition in stock'. I checked and sure enough, there have some 12 gauge and very little of that. A sad state of affairs we are in.

I'm at the American boulder series rock climbing finals. Amazing feats of strength, balance and flexibility. It's a reminder that the body has to be prepared as well as the mind and supplies. I'm having a good time meeting a lot of young people who cant communicate, can't look you in the eye, and who's entire life revolves around climbing boulders. I'm getting paid, no complaints, no one else would be here until 22:45. I think I scared some people by saying hello... Probably should have sent a text?

 Speaking of fitness, I added 20 pounds to my bench, that's now an increase of 105 pounds since the end September. Some of the weight is just relearning a little, the rest is all hard work. I have a new workout partner, he is young, scrawny and weak. He does show up on time, listen and spot correctly so it's perfect. He will see big gains really fast if he keeps it up. Last night we swam and I had him walk along the pool so he could see the proper swimming form and technique. I swim fast apparently, he had to speed walk to keep up with me. I worked on backstroke while he worked on drinking a lot of pool water, but he ended up swimming half a mile... something to be proud of for anyone. Snow is heading this way, still have 8 inches in the yard from 2 days ago, maybe we will get the moisture we need, or at least close. That would be welcome.


  1. We keep finding a bit of ammo from time to time. Patience is helpful and we have started going to bigger cities and smaller stores. Somehow it has worked out.

    We also are looking into a bow and rekindling an interest in archery.

    Are the boulder series won based upon the lesser time to scale a boulder? I've heard of competitive bouldering, but never seen it.

    1. I've got a bow, luckily arrows aren't on the ban lost. It's fun but is a test of patience for me sometimes.

      The series finals went like this: 4 routes, 4 minutes to complete each one with about a 4 minute break. You get points for getting to the top in one try, 1 point less for getting to the top in multiple tries, and the points go less per hold you make it to. They don't care how fast you go, obviously the faster you go the more break you get.