Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spring to winter again

It's a slow time of year, always hard to get things done on the homestead when you have several feet of snow everywhere. Nothing really exciting to blog about, but as the wether and season changes that will change. Winter in the mountains.

A week+ of nice warm weather did a number on the snow problem but now there is a storm blowing in. It started dumping snow a few hours ago and they expect 1-2 feet here in the mountains. We are debating leaving a little earlier so we don't have to deal with conditions in the morning and traffic. The sun is keeping most of the storm at bay and it's only a few inches so far. I've shoveled once and it was enough to keep the deck snow melting and not accumulating.

Rock and I breaking trail/road
Yesterday the road was dirt and dry. The creeks were running under the ice and the spring pool area had a bit of water in it. I think we've gotten twice as much snow this year as last but it's been warmer overall.
Easy on the eyes.

That was the backyard view last weekend, half of that melted the past week.

We have a list of projects that we are going to start on so we've been sitting around going over them:

Have propane tank installed and plumbed to a new propane kitchen range.
New fridge, large one (ours is only 5 feet tall with freezer included). Need to make sure it's not frost free on the freezer section.
Buy several 'runner' carpets and a few small area rugs. This will spruce up the place and save the old carpet some wear and tear.
Order a new medicine cabinet and bathroom light.
Install a switch so we can run the well pump and cabin on a generator. We have a couple other small things for the electrician to do while he is here working on that.
Replace bathroom sink and redo kitchen sink plumbing
Storage container - still up in the air, depends on how much more long term storage and supplies we decide to pick up. We don't want the place to look jammed up.
Find and install 3 storm windows

It's a bit of money here and there but spaced out of this year it should work out well.  Work continues to be OK, it's nice that we are spending the weekend together because we rarely see each other 6 days out of the week. It's a lot like being single minus the whole being single thing.

We sold the Jeep and Mercedes this past week and picked up an 06 Range Rover for me to use when not in the company car. It's nice to have a full size SUV again, plenty of room for supplies and backpacks. We have another Rover vehicle being shipped in from Kansas to replace the Mercedes. While it was a beautiful car, it was a car and just didn't fit our lifestyle as much as we tried to make it. Once the new one arrives that will be Rover #14 in the last 20 years. It's also nice to have more luxurious vehicles because neither of us are getting younger. I'm almost recovered from screwing my knee up 2 weeks ago, a constant reminder that I should act my age... or not.


  1. Seems like you are really fitting into the country life. That's a good idea getting all set up with propane . I've never regretted going that route, especially when my cooking, heating and hot water are not effected when the power goes.

    1. We have decided that's the smart option. If just used for cooking it will last for many years but at least we have the option for a different hot water heater and even a wall furnace.