Sunday, November 29, 2015

White Friday!

I was amazed at all the awesome deals I found on things we don't want or even need. Even if I wanted some things the internet was down because of some nice snow. I headed out of town after lunch on Friday because work was terribly slow and everything was iced up nice from the Thanksgiving storm. I did get our food storage stocked up a little more and need to visit Costco this week.
For the holiday we had a family dinner at father in-laws and I think I made my best apple pie ever and it was a nice afternoon.

It's always a surprise when it comes to the weather but it's never unpleasant because if you can't control it, just try and enjoy it.

Shoveling snow at 8500 feet is always a great workout. It took me about 90 minutes to shovel the drive and parking area. As usual I'm the only person who shoveled but we like it neat and clean.
They were nice enough to get the road cleared so it was easier for Rock to walk without ice forming on his paws. We had the fire going and the cabin was warm... ok, it was really hot for me so I didn't have the blower on and just let the stones suck up the heat.
Saturday it was almost 25 degrees (about 15 with windchill) out so I went for a run. If you've never run in snow or sand, it's a lot of work. You lose power with each step and because it's not very stable your quads get a great workout. I made hamburger stew and chocolate fudge brownies for our weekend eating pleasure and of course we had pancakes this morning.
The temp skyrocketed to 30 so I got ready for another run. The storm that was hanging out on the mountains roared in but I didn't care. When I was done with my run I was overheated and wet. The storm was really dropping snow but I was working hard and never noticed that it was cold out (13 degrees before windchill).
We refilled the kindling box, load up the wood rack, do some laundry, eat some stew.... A great night even if it's dropping another few inches later tonight. Right now the temp is dropping but I suspect the clouds will be back soon. Going to pop up the Christmas tree in the next week hopefully and get the lights strung up. Meanwhile we stare out of the picture window.


  1. Sounds like a rewarding day, all things considered. We should be getting some snow before much longer, to replace the 8" that melted last week.

    1. We don't normally have snow this early, anything worth sowing down for anyhow. Today in town it's almost completely melted, in the canyon it's still lingering but the sun is so-powa!
      Should be an interesting winter.

  2. Seems to be life is treating you ok. Be careful on your runs this time of year.

    I treated myself to a fax toner cartridge, two printer cartridges, a 100 pack of 8X56R bullets (already got enough brass), and two boxes of 7.62X39. That's my on line shopping for the holiday.

    1. I was in the mood for some buckets of powdered milk. We've been increasing our storage supplies steadily this year and now need to stop spending money so we can get the cabin bathroom remodeled, the electrical worked on and a storage container dropped off. Things we need help with or don't have the time to do ourselves.

  3. I love all the pictures you take of the drive out as well as your home. I'm looking forward to finally getting out to my new property sometime around Christmas.

    1. What do you get someone for the holidays that's moving... NOTHING!
      I'm having withdrawals right now, not going to be at the cabin for an entire week because it's holiday party for work and that's 400+ people I need to smile and nod at.
      I'm looking forward to meeting you and being able to lend a good neighbor hand for projects as your place develops.