Monday, November 16, 2015

Where have the days gone

Wake up.
Work out.

I'm on day 24 without a rest day and thats a total of 27 workouts not including any hiking. Kicking butt, every day is my best day.

The talking heads say to stay indoors and nobody should be out in this weather. Up to 20 inches of snow and people are flocking to the grocery stores. We are up to our necks in supplies and wouldn't want it any other way.

What do I know. I don't play the 'behaved citizen' and 'popular opinion' games. I've dropped some online friends over my stance on the activities in France and the Middle East but that's just fine. I prefer to pay attention to what's local and I can possibly influence and try hard not to be distracted.

Fun local issues:
In the city the police no longer have to perform P.T. tests because they got sued by 12 women who couldn't pass it and were put on administrative duties. It's not like they prevent crime but it would be nice if they could run without adrenaline doing all the work.
At the cabin the community has a matching program for non profits. You select one of the eligible non profits and donate and it's matched by a non governmental organization. Perfect!
Oh... the Sheriffs Office is one of the organizations you can donate to.... doesn't that mean I should be able to write off whatever % of the property tax collected is given to them. Sigh.

We are stocking up the cabin with a lot of supplies so that's actually a bit of work that we didn't expect to take so long. I have a truckload to take down this weekend and a carload to deliver sometime this week. It's been windy down south and down in the teens (feels much colder with the creeks so close) and up into the low 50's during the day. The fireplace has been used but since it brings the temp indoors up to 80 really fast I'm not allowing it to be up and running all day/night.

Plans until the end of the year:
Level a spot (concrete maybe) and get a shipping container (20')
Add switch at electrical panel so generator can run the well pump
Buy emergency hand well pump
Build woodshed extension
Buy and cut plywood so windows can be secured
Relocate 90% of long term food storage
Black Friday long term food storage sale purchases (would love to pick up another year)

Get out and get something done even if it's in short-shorts in 20 degree weather with sleet/snow hitting your crazy hair!

and Happy Birthday Jam!


  1. Well done, soldier - lookin' good! :)

    1. Thanks, just hoping to weather whatever storms come our way.

  2. holy moly - you've both been keeping busy but i expect nothing else from you two! i love the idea of a shipping container...we're working towards getting one...hopefully..but i applaud the fact that you are up to your eyeballs in preps - if only everyone could be!

    as for my stance on the middle east and france...go see my comment on harry's blog here:

    my comment hasn't been published you'll have to check back. basically my comment is - i don't care about the middle east. i want my soldiers home. i want my veterans fed. i want the canadian military budget spent on helping people.

    and jam thanks you for the birthday wishes. he is in the middle of working remotely on his other computer for the company he contracts with but he will be by in a few to say his own thanks.

    keep on keepin on buddy. oh and tell your wife that i am dead in love with my man - but you are one serious looker! i hope that doesn't come across as tacky but i think you have been eating well and doing a bunch of different health-related activities and it is showing!

    sending much love to you and your wife! your friend,

    1. You are so kind, probably far too kind! I better not post a workout pic where I'm flexing up on stuff!
      I agree with your stance on the middle east and such, how much could we have fixed with the same energy/money we spend elsewhere. Then again, would it just be more fraud, waste and abuse while things remain the same.

      Take care my friend, I always love hearing from you and reading your blog!

  3. man - you sound busy up there in the hills - keep up the good work and thanks for the b-day wishes!

    lookin' good pal!

    1. Not as busy as you but we are trying! Cheers bud!

  4. Years ago our fire department used Jeeps for the individual vehicles. When it was time to replace mine I said I'd take another. I was told no, that we were going to bench seat 4x4 pick-ups instead. Why? Because we had so many fat chiefs that they barely fit into the Jeep's seat. A treadmill test was required every couple of years but getting people into the field, climbing up and down the mountains, was something that most would have failed, including the head of the department. Instead the state didn't require that type of testing for everyone who was above the minimum ranks.

    I am so sick of our middle east meddling. Again we want to depose the leader of Syria. That hasn't worked for us with other countries, I'm not sure why we think it's such a good idea this time. Provide military assistance for self defense for Israel but let the rest of them kill each other off.

    I do have an answer for what to do with all the refugees, and yes, a good deal of them are really trying to escape the mass killings. China has built many huge cities that are completely vacant as a way to prop up their GDP. Ship them to China rather than Europe or the US. The world can still provide humanitarian aid of food, but that's it. I don't want them here.

    I'm going to try to come out to my new property in the beginning of January. If I do I'll let you know.

    1. It would be great to meet you finally. The first two weeks of January are usually the coldest of the entire year, just an FYI.

      What to do with refugees? Stop making them.
      Viscous cycles repeat so often. I'm a little more for isolationism, it doesn't matter the country. Unfortunately those pulling the string of those in charge wont ever let that happen.

      Anyhow, the world works as it will and we just hunker down as best we can in hopes its enough.

  5. Did you feel relieve to dump people off your facebook? I've done it and felt better for it. I appreciate someone with a definitive viewpoint who isn't afraid to share no matter what. Americans have sore butts from all the fence sitting most do.
    I'm not a prepper by your definition but am prepared for normal issues. Drives me crazy the rush for supplies like milk, bread and toilet paper when an inch of snow is predicted. At any given time me and mine are ready for several months of hard times (ie: may not have frssh milk and eggs but have enough food to last and survive well). It's the up bringing I had and am passing on to the next generation.

    1. I've only ever dropped a few people online, most usually drop me. That works well enough.
      If you have enough supplies for 3 days or more, that's better than most people so you are doing great. Many don't have enough food for real meals, for 2 days.