Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A year later

We've had our cabin for a few days over a year so it was fun to be down there this past weekend and really enjoy it. There are times I think we haven't done anything to it but looking over the pictures reminds me of how much it's changed.
Of course I had to run the lawnmower, keeping the jungle at bay helps keep the bug population down and when the mosquitoes are like amazon drones.... well every bit helps.
The clover blew around but much of it still grew and is filling in bare spots

There is a spring here, with a few small damns. We tripled the water holding pools.

It was a beautiful weekend to be in the hills.
We have a lot of plans for the next year, right now we are holding onto our money. We could easily pour a lot into a new bathroom, deck, windows, carpet, etc. but unlike most people we know or work with, we don't like debt. We have a good amount of emergency supplies and are diligently continuing our stockpiling. There are only so many good storage spaces but we are steadily filling everything up.

Father in-law isn't doing good unfortunately and we aren't sure if he has simply called it quits or not. He is on 10 medications, doesn't eat much of anything at all, is always off balance and can't remember a lot of things. He needs to be on oxygen all the time but the hose bothers his hearing aids. So not only is he not listening, he takes his hearing aids out and can't listen. After dealing with the entire ordeal with mother in-law, it seems like it's been a year of shit but we are continuing to be strong and patient. It's hard, it's very taxing on our relationship and I understand how these health issues in parents can take a toll on marriages.
That being said, we are all booked and paid up for our 20th anniversary to Rome in August. We also might head to Paris and Normandy in September. If everyone is ok at that time.


  1. Sounds like you've done - and are continuing to do - the right things. Cabin & grounds like awful nice, too.

    And happy anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary! i looove the red umbrella and door - it adds great contrast and yet somehow blends in to the surroundings! you guys have been through a lot this year, and it seems that you will continue to go through quite a bit but i am glad that you have the cabin to escape to. you have a very beautiful property! keep up working on the preps and no debt is the best debt to have!

    your friend,

  3. Your property looks so peaceful and calming and it's so different from ours which only has seven trees! Your anniversary trip sounds wonderful and I hope that you both are able to step back from the day to day pressures and have a really great time!