Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thinking back.

I'm tired, we are both tired, Rock is tired. We are getting more sleep finally.

Closure. It happened finally and now we are moving forward and moving on. It's been hard on all of us but the friends, family and even the bloggers kind words and well wishes have certainly helped.

Now what...

Having been through this before, I know what comes next, the various stages, etc. We are taking Father in-law to the cabin this weekend for some get out of the house time. It's supposed to be 60 degrees so it's going to be a great weekend for running, sleeping in, eating pancakes and doggy hikes.

We did escape ourselves on Friday night, it was very relaxing and sad and we spent some good time thinking back. We talked about how the memories we make right now, today, are the good old days. If we don't make good memories, why even bother looking back.

I hope to be posting more often and getting back to reading all of my favorite sites.

Here are some photo's from our escape!

Can't get enough of Rock and our hikes together!

I ate the smallest one, Rock ate the next two!

Opposite direction hike... Rock wanted to play!

Sometimes you have to get out of bed early in order to see amazing things.

These, right here and now, ARE the good old days!


  1. These, right here and now, ARE the good old days!

    Quite right, Max. Well said.

    1. Thanks. Just another quote to hang on the door!

  2. Max, buddy - i am glad that you are both feeling better. i have an idea that i repeat to me and jam all of the time - imagine you are 85, in a hospital and dieing. what decisions would you regret? what would you regret not doing more of? try and live every day as if in the future, when you are 85 and dieing, you would be glad to know that you did stuff to make you happy. that's why you often see us out in the hottub when it is snowing lightly and we are giggling catching snowflakes with our tongues. i also make jam run around naked in a rainstorm. he sometimes thinks i am a bit looney but i make him do things that i know he will not regret on his deathbed. i wish i could get more people to think this way.

    you seem to be doing a good job of this with all of your hikes with Rock. he is a truly beautiful dog. much love to all of you! your friend,

    1. We have always tried to live for the day and prepare for the future. It's always been a tough balance but we seem to do a fairly good job, sometimes the scales shift in one direction or the other.
      Tough times make us stronger, focus our energy and create an even better team.

      I'm not up for running around naked in the rain, but as you know, I've been in some high altitude lakes. I prefer running shoes to run in :)

    2. Max - our river is silt-laden and lots of mossy stuff on the bottom...jam can't get in it without shoes on. me - i love all of that crap between my toes - it's wonderful! but jam is a shoe person like you - bahahahah! don't know if i ever told you this before but everytime i dive in the river i take a big, giant drink of it! it is so full of salt water that it almost tastes like the ocean. but it is so full of silt and moss that it has that lovely taste of silt and moss! i think you would love to swim in it. with your shoes on of course - bahahahah! you and jam are girls! and i mean that in the most loving of ways! much love buddy! keep on keepin on!

  3. Enjoy the weather and the weekend and tell lots of wonderful stories about MIL. Also, remind your wife that her mother's best qualities were passed down to her daughter.

  4. Sunrise and sunset are the best parts of the day.