Monday, April 29, 2013

almost normal

After a self imposed several week break, I was back at it again this weekend. I suppose it never was really a break since we didn't really do anything different, we just avoided the news, blogs, and conversations that weren't upbeat.

Reality is a lot different when you are clueless, and to be fairly uninformed for a couple of weeks was hard for me mentally, more than anything else. We put off redoing our get home bags and it was painful to see the new bags sitting there empty but a break was needed.

 To end our break we had a UFC fight night on Saturday. This is Pina Colada cheesecake cooling down before it goes into the fridge. I made some fresh blueberry topping for it, but nothing beats:
Pina Colada whipped cream. Cream of coconut, sugar and whipping cream. I had my workout friend and his buddy over for the fight and they said the whole concoction was possibly the best thing they had ever tasted. The spaghetti wasn't too bad either. The whipping cream was the only thing I didn't have in food storage, otherwise it was all food from preps.

The tomatoes were in need of a transplant, it's about 4 weekends until they go in the dirt. I had to gather some support sticks up from the yard, 1 for me and 1 for Rock to chase.
My available counter space is smaller now. The ones on the left were given to the mormon neighbors, the poor wife isn't able to get anything going this year. I think she over watered the seeds (we both used the same ones) and they mildewed. One of the smaller trays in the picture has bell peppers in it that I'm trying to rescue but will just start over tonight. I didn't pod those and they ended up being too deep and too wet, but an A for effort. We have around a 5 month growing cycle if you keep up with covering the plants for the early cold snaps, we will have a mammoth crop this year of all sorts of things.

Heading out for a couple of weeks soon, Orlando and then Las Vegas. It's going to mess up my workout schedule more than anything but I'll adapt. I had an awesome run yesterday, all the soreness from leg days is paying off. I suppose if squats were easy they would be called leg presses instead.


  1. One of the things about being clueless is at some point when things go bad we may be clueless for a while. It's at that point we will need to be on extremely high alert. So when you weren't paying attention to the world around you were you thinking more defensively or did you just take a break and figure the world would still be ok enough when the break was over?

    By the way, that's why I do leg presses!

  2. LOL at the leg presses. Hang cleans into front squats are my work in progress right now.

    While I wasn't paying attention there isn't much that went by/on that I didn't know about. I just didn't take an active part in any of it. Still had dinner with the mormons, still open carried at Starbucks to scare the liberals, still maintained our high level of awareness.

    but I figured the world would be the same.

  3. Is there a possibility of getting the recipe for the cheese cake? Please and thank you.

    1. I posted the recipe today in a new post. Enjoy!