Monday, April 8, 2013

A growing group

Our monthly BBQ meeting was last night and we got to meet everyone that couldn't make last months meeting. The numbers for the group are hovering close to 35 adults, an impressive number and a lot of skill from all areas. 2 doctors, 1 surgeon, an engineer, 2 special forces operators, 2 carpenters, 4 previous rancher/farmers, etc. Since most of the group are LDS, the total number including children is about 60. Cheers for child labor.

Yup, that's a lot. We broke down the group by geographical sections, I'm in "charge" of my area. I'm the one who makes sure everyone knows whats going on, passes along info, etc. If someone is going shooting and wants company we let everyone know, same for hiking or anything that people might be interested in doing. Getting to know everyone while working on preparedness is a good thing.

We talked about water storage and availability last night, it's going to be another dry year. 2 different people gave presentations and hopefully everyone learned something. We are hosting the BBQ in June, and it will be an actual BBQ as well as a meeting. We will give a class on using a solar cooker, everyone seems really interested in the details and workings.

Work continues to keep me busy, the construction on my new office begins today. I'll move in next week and use a table until the desks come in. It will be nice having room for more things on a desk besides my laptop. A new office will help keep me organized, and sane.
The only thing holding me together lately is the gym and running. I've made some gains on weights and I self motivated to get some more running done. It's been many years since I weighed this much and was running.... good lord I'm slow but it's helping me trim up. I just want to drop 10 pounds over the next month, big changes in the eating and fitness routine will make it possible.

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