Monday, July 31, 2017

A wet July

I try my best to never complain about the weather. It's one of those 'if you can't control it, enjoy it'. Sometimes it's more of a 'deal with it' instead, and from temperatures in the upper 90's that caused the grass to brown out, to torrential rains, July has been a 'deal with it.

I'm really enjoying the weather for running, it's nice and cool in the mornings and usually not raining until I'm done. This weekend was a 16 mile run, much flatter than my usual routes (3500 ft. of elevation gain vs. 5000 ft.) but not any less taxing on the body since it consisted of more running and almost no hiking. The more I run, the harder I run, the more brutal the course... the more I crave the experience. It's really hard holding back and limiting the hours and miles each week, tying to be smart about the progression.

6AM stumble running through a tunnel

Finally light enough to see where I'm stepping

The majority of the state is nice and green, greener than I can remember for this time of year and the water levels are really high. This weekend I was in town so I could attend some training, without a long early morning drive. Had I not been in town, I wouldn't have heard the drops of water hitting the hardwood floor in the bedroom (the only upside to PTSD and very light/little sleep habits). Idk, we have a leak somewhere in the roof and I cannot find it. It actually makes no sense as to how the water could be getting in, but it's a roof and there is a leak so we will have to call an expert on this one.

Perhaps the word 'expert' isn't correct, we will call someone who can come over and give us a guess. This exact same spot had a leak before and we ended up redoing the entire back roof, and hindsight should have had us extend the metal roof on the entire area... hindsight is cruel. Since the leak just started, has it been there for a while and does that mean the insulation and drywall have simply had enough now? Black mold? Spiders (hey, why not)? If it's bad, insurance will be involved, so t his is why we need someone to 'best guess it'. If they are clueless, it's time to start demolishing some drywall.

The upside to the weather pattern is I haven't had to run the sprinklers for almost 2 weeks and the garden is crazy big. I need to harvest beans and of course zucchini always needs harvesting. Green tomatoes abound and cucumbers are starting to show. I'm going to pull a carrot and check the size, I don't grow them normally so I need to check visually vs. google guess it.
One rose bush is still blossoming nicely, it's about 9 feet tall. The grass in the yard is almost a foot (waiting for someone else to cut it, bluegrass allergy doesn't appreciate when I do it) and has filled in a few needed spots. The cabin grass and clover looks amazing, we are paying to keep the grass trimmed and it's been money well spent.

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  1. Boy likes doing the lawns although sometimes I have to push him more than I'd like. Trying to figure out where that tunnel is. Local?