Monday, December 26, 2016

Scenery from the last couple of months

I'm often asked if the drive gets tiresome, old, boring. It's 90 miles to work and of course home again, but I've not once ever tired of it. I do get tired of the drivers, that's easy to do, but even in the real short passing zones I'm able to get ahead of the 35's in a 55. I find that I only get up a little earlier than normal, but have everything already laid out for the day to save time.

We love the varied weather in Colorado, 50's and 60's on day, snowing the next and then warm again. It could be -20 with the wind but as long as the sun is shining, it's a perfect day for a run (and even when it's not, but that requires more clothes). Healthier living, cooking and eating has been on the menu for the last few months and that includes not talking about work and spending some time doing absolutely nothing.

5 miles from home on a run, postcard living.

I shovel a lot at the end of the drive, but the snowplow never shows up.

-30 with windchill and I was happy to break out the shovel.

Blurry but still amazingly colorful.

Heading into the valley. The lines are my windshield heater -25 degrees.

A few days later there was nothing left!

A week later I ran after a storm, just the rabbit tracks and I.

Winds from the north west on another run.

Breaking trail on another amazing day.

Rock with 'knottingham bear' and 'douggie the dragon' (and a shark!).

The wind is predictable (and always a headwind).

The moon, having a competition with the sun.

Cooking up some teriyaki sauce (lots of ginger and garlic).


  1. There's no country like mountain country.

  2. WoW! What a view....

    That beats where we'll be moving to, but at least we'll be out of Kommiefornia....

    1. What area will you be heading to?

    2. The Fort Collins area. I really want to live North of Fort Collins in Laporte/Bellvue or around Terry Lake. I love "semi rural", and don't really want to live IN the city of Fort Collins.

    3. I don't know much about Ft. Collins, but at least it's not Denver. Each place that we call home is what we make it, family and friends being a big part of home.

    4. Yep, you got it!

      Where we're looking is about 75~80 miles North of Denver, and about 25~30 miles from the Wyoming border.

      If TSHTF in Colorado, we can always escape to Wyoming.....