Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

I always think it's interesting when someone says 'those are good problems to have'. Luckily all problems have a solution, sometimes they just aren't apparent when you are looking.

2015 started off bad and didn't let up often. There were some amazing highlights but looking back in it's totality, we are happy to see 2015 roll into a new year and give us a fresh start. It's all mental but creating a magic 'from this point forward' line really helps.

We don't have huge plans for the coming year, we both just want things to continue to level out. We are hoping to head to Mexico for some scuba diving in the spring. I'm heading to Texas in a few weeks for a little adventure and we will both head down there in February. I know I'll be in Vegas for work stuff a few times and even Texas for work later in the year. The cars will have some mileage added to them this year for sure (since flying ruins an entire day, 12 hours of driving will be much better for the closer trips).

Preparedness will continue but we are going to hold off on doing some extensive work at the cabin until 2017 so we don't use cash reserves and don't have to get a loan. Things will get done but on a smaller scale. We need to do a few things here in the city but they aren't too major (water heater, tear out the bedroom drywall and add new insulation).

So long 2015. You tried to break us but made us stronger (so thanks?).


  1. "It's all mental but creating a magic 'from this point forward' line really helps."

    That's as good a summary of the "Happy New Year" syndrome as I've ever seen. Well done, sir.

    And may 2016 be a better year.

  2. Overall, 2015 was not a stellar year for my family either. We are hoping 2016 will be more sedate, both on a personal and national level.