Sunday, May 11, 2014

A mothers day of surprise!

Since everything in our life is anything but normal,  here is the weather for today.

We went down the street to the in-laws and I cooked steak in the snow while someone else made shrimp tempura. Most of the family didn't show up, 50% of them are separated/getting a divorce. This was a surprise although we knew the 2 couples were having trouble. I hope they are all happy with the choices they are making, it shouldn't be hard but it's not supposed to be easy.

I spent some time telling the nephew and niece how to put away and clean up after the meal was done. It was very awkward for them to actually do chores but they did a great job. Socially awkward was an understatement. I asked niece what she was going to do when she graduated in a few days from high school and she replied, "I'm going to my therapist to learn how to deal with all the stress of picking out a college".
That conversation was suddenly over.

I helped nephew in a game where he was the president and had to decisions to keep everyone happy or be assassinated. Interesting but unrealistic. It was nice to get him talking for a few hours. He is an inside kid at this stage of his teenage years.

We did have one really wonderful surprise today. We signed a contract on the cabin we wanted, and offered on last week. Apparently my pleasant demeanor and great attitude won the lady over. The tentative schedule shows us closing towards the end of June after I get back from a conference in the Seattle area.

The blue are 2 creeks that come down from the mountain lakes (I have horrible software on the home computer, sorry). One breaks into 2 and runs along one edge of the property, the other runs 25 feet past the other corner of the property. It's less than a mile into the National Forest for hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping, hiking etc.

If all goes well, this is going to be the start of a great adventure that we are both really looking forward to.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone, and to you Susan, more of a Mom to me than anyone else while I was growing up.


  1. Congrats on the contract! Re: the family gathering, sounds like a typical event, and you handled the teens about as well as could be expected.

    Stress from choosing a college? Really? Sheesh.

    1. Thanks, we were excited, then realized that frost got the garden and now have more work to do at home. 2 is 1, 1 is none and thousands of seeds is a lot.

  2. Congratulations on the purchase. The will be a new adventure for sure. Your conversations seem normal for "modern" teenage talk in my world. Don't know about your nephew and niece, but the students I talk to with the most common sense are the ones that work. Those that don't don't understand how the world operates.