Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yearly camping trip

Here are some pictures from our yearly camping trip to the Ouray, Silverton and Durango area of Colorado. We've never been in the area at this time of year, and it's never been so green in all the years we have been going. Normally the pictures are full of fall colors.

We tried to take all new roads and trails this year, it worked out great and the scenery was.. well you decide. I was able to find a small lake at about 13,000 feet and I just happened to have a towel with me, it's a tradition that only I follow.

My favorite ranch in the world

Heading to the mountains!

Perfect spot to let blind Luke roam around some

We found the sheep herd

Wonder if the Berkey would filter this

Worlds happiest rescue dog. EVER!

Obligatory walking to the water picture for Kymber

Temp was 54 degrees with a breeze. This water was the coldest ever.

zzzz. Worn out after swimming

Survivalist snack!

Survivalist dinner!

Vertical mineshaft gear/wheel house

We stopped for a prepper snack of high altitude raspberries.

Ore cart tram system


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm thinking of a winter trip to see what it's like... you know, pretend it's Alaska.

  2. buddy - first off - thanks so much for the gorgeous pictures - i have never seen country like that so i am always amazed by the different places that people live. i love blogs and blog pics for that reason!

    second off - holy moly - yer built like a truck! now tell me that you got in that freazin' cold water naked. if not, i must deduct 2 points.

    i love little blind glad that he has you guys! you are very good people to take care of him!

    high-altitude raspberries are the best! i should know...we are like 25ft above the water line - bahahahahha!

    i really enjoyed these pics and thank you so much for sharing. i promise many snow angels and a "max" snowman this winter!

    your friend. thanks so much!

    1. woops - forgot to mention that the berkey would definitely filter that water! our water from our well is full of minerals and silt - and orange as oh heck! the berkey filters it just fine.

      oh and another thing - i have put handfulls of mud in our berkey, as their website advised - and crystal clear water comes out. i also did the food colouring test - i put bright purple food coloured water through the berkey - crystal clear on the other end, buddy. berkey should actually pay me. i loves my berkeys!

      the sky pics are beautiful too. i have never seen skies like that with my own eyes - just beautiful!

      your friend,

    2. If I'm built like a truck, trucks are in trouble!

      Your river swim pictures inspire me to keep up my stupid tradition of getting in freezing water, but it's also how the miners used to get clean... and I'm an old gold miner at heart I guess. I'm just glad nobody came up to the lake to see me all shriveled up.

      I'm glad to know the berkey would filter everything, I've not done anything more than tap water to date.

      You are very kind to me, I'll post more pictures later this week.

    3. buddy - yer gorgeous, you know it, the wife knows it, and yer just shy about screeching it off of the rooftops.

      ugh. your stupid tradition reminds me of doing the polar bear dip - yep, jump in a hole in the arctic ocean and run out screaming. i did it twice. never again. but you are one of those crazies who would do it a million times - bahahahah!

      oh you wouldn't even believe some of the tests i concocted for the berkey - how about wet grass? water ran clear! how about wet cat snackdy-moes - water ran clear! i am telling you - berkey should be paying me for this level of advertising - bahahahahah!

      you are very kind to me too, taking all of those pics and whatnot. yer a good friend. and good friends are hard to come by these days. jambaloney says he thinks yer an absolute nutter for getting in that water. he also says that when the water is that cold - EVERYTHING shrivels - bahahahah! i know, i've witnessed it!

      your friend,

    4. Yup... nobody likes a second belly button.

  3. Looks like a great time was had. Great photos.

    1. Thanks Matt! It's always nice to get out of town and away from the general public. I'll post more stuff later this week, from the trip.

  4. That is spectacular country. You picked a good place to live. I wish I could just pick up my place here and plop it down out where you took those pictures.

    1. If you did, we might become your live in helpers.

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    1. Thanks, it's just my dream of being on permanent Safari.