Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shooting fun, get an AR pistol.

Our group field trip to the shooting range was a huge success. We had 18 people and got a little over 2 hours of range time. Some of the inexperienced people got some great basic instruction from the ground up on pistol and AR's while the rest of us blasted away.

It was priceless when I unleashed my new 5.56 pistol... on the pistol range. I knew it would be loud, and it didn't let me down. I've been blessed with being a good shot with anything and I was a little nervous about how accurate this pistol was going to be. From 35 feet to 150 feet it was spot on with iron sights and at the closer distances I destroyed the center mass of a target shooting one round approximately every .8 seconds. There seemed to be less recoil than my AR rifle and everyone who shot the pistol said the same thing, "I want one!". Someone told me it's spray and pray but I had no problem hitting anything, at any distance or accurately suppressing

There were a few bad things about it:
The charging handle is crap, rough edged and took some skin off my finger. I'll replace it with something nice, even if it's going to add a little weight.
No forward assist meant you had to pay attention and really let the bolt slam forward instead of a gentle ride.
2 out of 12 magazines inserted had the first round eject on insertion, with the bolt open.
Calling for a cold range to run down 40 feet and pick up your flash suppressor is a little silly, but I'll say that's my fault for not making sure it was seated properly. Unlike a normal suppressor, this one is held on with a 3 bearing coupler system.
If you shoot in low light or dark condition you better close your eyes, it's like you are waving around a torch hunting Frankenstein.
You don't want to shoot it in a small space... think flash-bang and soiled underpants.

We practiced some hip shooting, quick draw shooting, 2 gun transitions, suppressive fire in teams of 2 while changing magazines and/or weapons, teams of 2 suppressive fire while advancing, teams of 2 suppressive fire while standing with one member high, one low.
We also practiced seeing how fast we could send 30 rounds down range.... ah, the fun... the fun.

My allergies are out of control, I'm going to get a z-pack  sent overnight, I'm starting to think I have a sinus infection. One of the group doctors said he would call in a z-pack script for me but I need to have some in preps anyhow, leave it to me to have everything but that in stock.


  1. Sounds like a great time! (Everything but the allergies.)

    1. Great times indeed! Next time I'll wear all my gear so everything is where I'm accustomed to it being at.